Thursday, October 11, 2012 came out!!


We're toothless again....

It's been well over two months in the making and FINALLY last night,
little man pulled the little sucker out.

Such a relief....

It's been loose for two months.

It went from being loose to practically dangling yesterday when I
picked him up from school.
It was way past time for this one to come out.
So after his bath last night, we went to work on it
in the bathroom...he insisted on doing the pulling
and I coached him through it. :)

Oh mama....there was a whole lot of drama leading up to
the actual pulling of tooth, I won't lie.

But once it was finally out....he was one happy camper.
And took pride in the fact that he pulled it out himself.

  photo2photo3 My Aviary-Edited Photo

And probably the most exciting thing about losing a tooth,
 the tooth fairy stopped by and left some money and a gift for little man.

PicMonkey Collage tooth fairy loot
Special memories of losing what is now his 3rd baby tooth...
and, as of this morning, his other front tooth is feeling pretty loose. 
 It looks like we may have another visit from the tooth fairy---
hopefully sooner than later this time around.



  1. so cute! congratulations Noah!!!!!

  2. thanks, Rachelle...he was so funny as he tried to pull it---LOTS of drama! ;)


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