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Career Day for our Kindergartner

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Noah decided he wanted to be a doctor for his kindergarten career day parade at school.
 Ironically, for our dear son, having to go see the doctor is always (and I mean ALWAYS)
an anxiety filled and nail biting event.  He gets so nervous and worked up when he has to go
in and get a check-up or is sick and needs to see the pediatrician.  And the funny thing is,
we have the sweetest and most "grandfather-like" pediatrician,
he is so loving and patient with Noah,
but it still doesn't seem to ease his anxiety when he has to go in.

So I was a little surprised he chose to be a doctor for his school career day...
but we went with it and had so much fun preparing for it.

The morning of, he was all excited to climb into his scrubs and doctor jacket.
We tried out all of mommy's reading glasses before he chose the pair he wanted.

Jody was all into helping Noah out with his doctor digs....
he worked on the computer and made Noah's doctor
name tag while we were busily getting dressed early that morning.

The kindergartners were going to be in a parade for the entire school assembly that morning
and we didn't want to be late. After taking a few pictures at the house,
we sprinted out the door and headed to school.

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As soon as we walked in the door of the school, the kindergartners were already lining up
outside the cafeteria, so Noah quickly took his place with his friends.
 He was beaming and so excited to show off his doctor outfit to his friends.

 Jody and I were cracking up at how many of the kids were dressed as doctors.
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In addition to doctors, there were teachers, coaches, police officers, astronauts,
swat officers, pop stars, veterinarians, librarians, dancers and so forth.

 The kids were so precious in their outfits.

 After snapping a few more pictures, Jody and I headed on into the cafeteria to await
the beginning of the Friday assembly and parade. PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage4

The principal welcomed everyone to the morning assembly
and then the kindergarten parade was the cutest thing to watch
these nervous little kindergartners walk into the cafeteria with so many kids and parents
looking on.

I had butterflies in my stomach for them, too...especially our dear son.

IMG_3871IMG_3872 IMG_3873

After the kiddos all took their seats up front and we all recited the pledge of allegiance together,
 the teachers had each kindergartner walk up to the microphone and say what they wanted to be
when they grew up.

 I have a video of Noah talking into the microphone, but for some reason, I'm having technical difficulties this morning getting it loaded to Youtube...argh!  I'll keep trying and try to post it later.

It was the cutest thing ever to hear him speak into the microphone. ;-)

 Afterwards, the entire assembly of students, teachers and parents rocked it out to
their school dance they do each morning in the cafeteria before heading off to class.
I love watching all the kids and their teachers dance together at the morning
assemblies...I gotta say it makes me miss being in the classroom.

Before heading off to class, the kindergartners stood up on the stage
as a group so the teachers and parents could take some group photos....
and it came as no surprise to Jody or I to see our dear son become a ham for the cameras.
   IMG_3927IMG_3926IMG_3958 IMG_3917

Noah and his "BFF" were never too far away from each other during the assembly...
they were both excited to be dressed as doctors.

They hugged each other tightly before I took this photo and said to each other...
"You're my best friend!"

  IMG_3921IMG_3947 IMG_3948
Such a fun time for Noah...and what a precious age!!
All week leading up to their career day parade, Noah and his classmates learned
about different careers and his teachers invited several people from the community
to come in and share things about their careers and what they do on a daily basis.

Noah was so excited to tell me about different things he learned when I would pick
him up from school in the afternoons.

It is the sweetest and most precious thing to listen to him dream and
talk about what he'd like to be when he grows up...
of course it changes daily...hourly...and yes,
often times by the minute.

He'll tell us that he wants to be a doctor someday....other times a trash truck driver....
a teacher....a coach....
and then there is the standard be a fireman someday.

But no matter what he decides upon down the road....
I hope Noah always knows how proud we are of him.
We know how smart and talented he is and like Jody always tells him...
" can do anything you put your mind to."
Noah likes to repeat this all the time....and I hope he always remembers this.

We are so proud of our little kindergartner....for his sweet and yes, often fiery little spirit.
For the deep love he has for everyone around him.  My heart was overflowing with such
love and gratitude as I watched him in his little parade.

I am so, so, so grateful to have him in my life and to be his mommy.


Here are some videos from the assembly...
you'll want to pause the music playing at the bottom of my blog before clicking play though.

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