Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What we've been up to...


Last week I had a doctor's appointment in the big city.
One of the bummers about where we live is we are really far away from a major city...
in fact, the closest big city is 4 hours away....San Antonio.  
Houston is 6 hours away. 

I would have taken baby boy with me, but as foster parents, we are required to get permission
 from the family court judge to take our foster child out of the region...
basically, we have to put in a formal request with the court any time we want to travel and,
it has to be submitted at least two weeks in advance with the court.
Also, as foster parents, when we travel with our foster son to visit our families in
Austin, Dallas and East Texas...
if we stay at a family member's home (which we typically do)...
we have to have background checks completed on anyone older than
14 years of age before we can stay at their home .
It's kind of a hassle.
But I can clearly see why the precautions are needed.
It's for the protection of the foster child.

So back to my road trip, since I already had this doctor's appointment scheduled for some time,
and we haven't had baby boy long enough to get the request in with the judge in time...
I couldn't take baby boy with me to San Antonio.
Jody was so sweet--he took the day off from work and watched baby boy
and Noah for me so I could keep my doctor's appointment.
He is a rock star husband like that. ;-)

I hit the road early that morning for a long day of travel
(it was going to be an 8-hour round trip...ugh!!). 
I must say, it always feels so weird now that I'm a mom to be by myself. 
Do you ever feel that way?
I'm used to making a trip to San Antonio with my hubby and son with me.
It's funny how once you become a can't ever really fully relax when you're away from your children.  They're always on your mind.

Jody probably got tired of me calling him every hour and 
checking in how things were going with baby boy.
I must admit, I did enjoy the peace and quiet on the drive up.  
I splurged when I made it into San Antonio---I had an hour to kill before my doctor's appointment and  so I drove to Starbucks and got me a Salted Caramel hot chocolate.  The weather was so nice in San Antonio...cooler than the Rio Grande valley---so I enjoyed sipping my hot chocolate and listening to some tunes from my iTunes library. 

Here are a few pics from my road trip to and fro San Antonio...
photo414 photo410 photo416 photo406

It just so happened that my favorite sushi restaurant was right around the corner from the doctor's office...and since it was almost dinner time anyway, I splurged again and treated myself to my favorite sushi roll and a Dr. Pepper and then hit the road for the long 4 hour drive home.
PicMonkey Collage1

Let's see...Lola has been wanting lots of cuddle time in the evenings after I get both Noah and baby boy down to sleep for the night.  She is the best little cuddle buddy. 

My in-laws came in town on Thursday night and stayed until lunch time on Saturday. We really enjoyed their visit.
It's always hard to have to say good-bye when they leave.
We all get a little sad.
After they had already gone, I realized I didn't take one picture of all of us together.
I felt so bad.
But they are probably relieved...I think I wear them out sometimes when we all get together taking so many pictures. ;-)

Jody has been enjoying some quality time with his boys...I love watching the three of them together.
We had a lazy Saturday was nice to get to sleep in.  Baby boy doesn't normally sleep through the night--so we've all been a little behind on our sleep since his arrival.
The boys are really cute when they play together...Noah filled baby boy's crib with some toys and then climbed in with him this weekend.  They enjoyed some quality bonding time together over toys.
Noah has struggled some with sharing "his mommy and daddy" with baby boy and as you can imagine, having to share some of his toys.
It's to be expected. 
But overall, we have been so pleased at how well he is doing with baby boy.  
Noah has such a big heart and loves watching out for baby boy.
It's really sweet to watch.
We're also getting adjusted to doing kindergarten homework...his teacher sends home a homework folder every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night.  It's not a lot, but it can be time consuming with our little guy--- mainly because it's hard for him to sit still for long periods of time. ;-)
He's been doing a fabulous job though...working hard on writing his numbers and reading and writing his sight words.  
We're so proud of him.
photohomework1 And that's the end of my little update of what we've been up to... 
hope you all have a wonderful week! 
 I'm so happy it's now officially fall. Noah and I went to Target this weekend and bought some Halloween decorations for the house.  He and I are going to have fun decorating a little this week. We don't usually do a lot of decorating for Halloween...but he's all into it this year, so it should be fun.


  1. First, I love your new header!! We are definitely spoiled here...I have too many hospitals to count that are within 30 minutes of us. Are the fall Starbucks drinks awesome!! Love the salted caramel.

    1. Thank you! I love all their fall hot chocolate flavors!! So yummy!



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