Tuesday, September 4, 2012


On the eve of Noah's first day of kindergarten, we carried on my own childhood tradition
that my mom did with me and my brothers the night before our first day of school.
She would have us lay out our first day of school outfit and snap a picture of us next to our outfit.  
Noah was excited to help me carry on the tradition this year. He chose his stuffed animal PJ to 
wear his outfit for him. ;-)

I could tell he was getting a little nervous--he had all sorts of questions for me the night before 
as we sat in his room and talked about his new school and what to expect at kindergarten.

We chit-chatted for a bit about what he might expect his first day and then he 
wanted to pull out his hoola-hop and show off for his mama...
we always have a good laugh when he starts hoola-hooping.

He was proud of his new robot lunchbox from Pottery Barn and ready to put it to use...

The morning of...I got his snack and lunch prepared and of course, had to throw in a little love note. :)

We got up super early for his first day of kindergarten and were one of the first families there....
I was pretty nervous about his first day (probably moreso than him) 
and wanted to make sure we had time to walk around the school together.  
I thought if we had some time together to walk around he might have a comfort level about his 
first day before all the kids and parents swarmed into the building.  



This is when I started to choke up....walking behind him into the school.  Everything about this 
moment for him felt so heart was pounding and I knew it was going to be hard for 
me to say goodbye when it was time for me to leave. 

We made our way down the kindergarten/pre-K hallway to look around...

We made a point to stop at the bathrooms so he'd know where it was in relation to his classroom.
Of course, he had to try them out while we were there. ;-)

Then we headed down to his classroom where we looked over the posted class list.  
We were happy to learn that one of his friends from his old school and class last year was
going to be in his class with him.  

Then he said, "Mommy...let's count and see how many boys and how many girls are in my class." 
So we spent a few minutes doing that as we waited for his teacher to arrive. 
After she arrived, we stepped into his classroom and walked around...
I helped him put his supplies away and find his locker. 
His sweet far we've been impressed with her.

And bless her heart--she has something like 23 kindergartners in her class this year
and no aid in there to help her. I just think from a classroom management perspective it's not wise...
every kindergarten teacher (in my opinion) should have an aid in their classroom.
The kiddos are still so young and need a greater amount of supervision and support. 
This was one of my concerns about putting Noah in this public school....he is a pretty active
 little dude and needs lots of supervision and redirection.  I just pray that this school setting
will be a good fit for him and his personality.  There are several boys in his class, so his sweet 
teacher is definitely going to have her hands full.  

I so admire kindergarten teachers....I really think they should get a free pass to the highest 
kingdom in heaven!!  I was an elementary teacher for 9 years and loved my time in the classroom
before becoming a school administrator and now stay-at-home mom, but I can say without hesitation,
 I never had a desire to teach takes a special person with a whole lot of
patience to teach a classroom full of 5 and 6 year olds. ;-)

He has the cutest little classroom....bright, cheery and engaging....I think he'll enjoy it. 
At least I hope so. Keeping our fingers crossed that he has great year!

And so after a few more pictures, it was time for us to say our good-byes.  Oh my goodness,
my heart was about to explode.  I wanted to stay there with him so bad and help him through
his first day, but I knew that wasn't possible.  It felt so strange to me to be on this side of the spectrum....
for so long I was that teacher that the parents were nervously dropping their kids off with on the first
day of school and reassuring them that all would be okay.

And now I'm that nervous and anxious parent struggling to let my child pass through 
the classroom doors and enter into this new and exciting stage of his life.  
Yes, that morning most definitely wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be to
send him off for his first day of kindergarten.

But the time finally came for me to give him one last hug and pep talk.  I kissed him on the cheek
 and whispered in his hear how much I loved him and then waved good-bye and walked out the door.


I'm proud to say that I at least made it back to my car with my tears in check, but as soon 
as I closed the door and put the key in the ignition....the tears freely flowed as I drove away.  
Such a big milestone for our little guy and it's definitely bittersweet for me as his mama.


But surprisingly, the day went by much faster without him at home with me than I thought it would.
He was in my thoughts all day, but I knew he was probably having a blast getting to play with
all of his new friends.

And then 2:45 rolled around and it was time to pick him up....oh, I couldn't wait to see him. 
The car pool line was super long, so it took several minutes to work my way through that.
But I finally made my way to the front of the school and as I pulled up, his teacher was standing with
him, holding his hand.  He was grinning the biggest grin when he saw me.  


Once we were settled in the car and drove away, I of course asked him how his day went....
he gave me the thumbs up and I could tell he was pooped out.  
This is a much longer school day than what he is used his pre-K class last year, 
they were released by 2:15 each day, but at his new school, they aren't out until 3:20, but 
with the long car pull line, I usually don't have him in car with me until after 3:30.

We've got some big adjustments to get used to this year, for sure. ;-)


I asked him what he thought about his new school and he said, "Mommy it's so big and 
it takes a really long time."   He went on to say that he liked his new teacher and
had met some new friends in his class.  That was good to hear.

I then asked what his favorite part of his day was and he said, "Lunch in the cafeteria."
I said that's cool....and then asked why.  His response, "They have really good corn, Mommy."

Humm.....I had to chuckle on that one....that's my boy!


An exciting first day and week at kindergarten we've had and we're hoping (and praying) that 
our little guy has a great year!  And yes, we will definitely be praying for his sweet teacher...
she has her hands full with the group of boys she has this year.  ;-)


  1. In 16 or 17 years from now if Noah is still single and my daughter (who just turned 5) is still single I want to arrange a marriage between them. (No big deal)

    1. Hey girl...sounds great to me!! :-) Lots of fun times ahead with these kiddos.


  2. Awww...looks like he enjoyed his first day! I remember mine were always ready for a nap after school the first week.

    1. You are so right. He has been passing out on the couch when we get home completely pooped out. I have to be careful though to not let him nap too long...I learned that the hard way the first day. Couldn't get him to go to sleep later that night...argh! :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!



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