Saturday, September 15, 2012

InstaFriday (on Saturday)...

Hey there....I feel I need to apologize---I've been neglecting my little blog lately.  I promise I have a good excuse---other than adjusting to life as a foster mom, I've been feeling under the weather all fact, by Thursday I had completely lost my voice and my throat was so gosh darn sore--I literally wanted to cry every time I had to swallow. 

 Ugh...I haven't felt this crummy in a long time.

Thankfully, my sweet doctor called me in some antibiotics yesterday--she thinks I have strep throat. By this afternoon, I started to feel a little better....hoping by Monday I'll be good as new. 

I thought I'd do a quick post to let you know we're still here and life is treating us good (other than my feeling sick this week).

Let's see...first bit of news--I chopped my hair off!!! I've been thinking about doing it for some time now, but finally mustered the courage to do it last Friday. And, I'm so glad I did.  Jody's loves it (thank goodness!) There's something invigorating about chopping your hair off! Plus, it definitely makes the getting ready process go by much quicker in the mornings and that's a good thing since I have a 9 month old in the house. :-) I'm a little disappointed with the color...way to white blonde--hopefully I can remedy that at my next hair appointment...maybe get some pretty caramel low lights put in to tone it down some. 

Speaking of that 9 month old--we are IN LOVE with this 
sweet little fella.  So very grateful to be his foster family. 

He's been loving playing with Noah's big trucks and tractors---in fact, he'd rather play with these
than his own baby toys. 


Noah is enjoying kindergarten...despite a rocky first 2 weeks, he seems to be adjusting to his new school and teacher. 
He hasn't had to make any more trips to the principal's office...yippee!!

Baby boy and I are having so much fun hanging out together during the day
while Noah is at school.  He loves to be outside and so we try to do at least 
one little outing in the mornings before lunch and his nap time.  

Noah enjoys entertaining baby boy whenever he can...he can get
him to giggle and belly laugh more than anyone in the house. 

After he gets home from school, Noah has been wanting to hit the backyard
and play in the water. 
Baby boy loves to watch from the window as Noah plays outside.
He belly laughs really hard when Noah sprays the window with the water hose.

Lola is still getting adjusted to having a baby boy in the house. She let him pet her for the first
time this week.  We are making progress...yay!

After our challenging first week of kindergarten, I pulled this book back out
and have been enjoying reading it again...has some excellent parenting advice that 
we're putting to use. ;-)

I got all registered for my workshops at the upcoming I Heart Faces conference in Dallas...
 my sister-in-law, Katherine, and I are going together and I can't wait!

It's been quite an adjustment having a baby in the house again and having to get up 
during the night with him.  He's had a few restless nights, bless his heart---so 
it's not uncommon for the hubby to find us in the den playing with trucks at 3 am in the morning. ;-)

I've been enjoying listening to my Civil Wars album on my iPhone while waiting
 in the car pool line.  I'm SO IN LOVE with this band.  They're awesome!!
At Noah's new school...the car pool line is CRAZY long.   At his private school,
we didn't have to wait near as long.  Baby boy and I spend about 
35 minutes every day waiting in line to pick him up. Ugh!!

Let's see...we've started a new incentive plan for Noah...if he has a good day at school---we go to a park after school to play and then grab some ice cream afterwards.  
He's digging this new plan and it seems to be working so far. 

We've been so proud of Noah and how well he is doing with baby boy.
He's trying so hard to be a good big brother and share all of his toys. 
We know this has been a big adjustment for him and we couldn't be prouder
how he is handling it.

When Daddy gets home from work in the evenings, he enjoys some quality
cuddle time with his boys.


Life is good my friends...we feel so blessed to have baby boy in our home and
are grateful for the laughter and joy he has brought to our family
in such a short amount of time.

I'm now off to take my lovely antibiotics and my Saturday afternoon nap.
The hubby is sweet like that...he's watching our two little fellas so I can get some rest
and feel better.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Your hair looks fabulous! Baby boy is adorable. I'm glad things are going well. I'm sure it's a big adjustment, but he's lucky to have the three of you. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen!! We're enjoying baby boy so much. Thanks for stopping by.

      Take care,

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Love the haircut!!!

  3. I had not heard of Civil Wars...just listened...they are sooo awesome! I love good harmony!!!

    1. Sooo happy you listened to them and liked it---I just love them. They are my new favorite band/duo. I listen to them all the time. :-)


  4. I want to meet you in real life. The end!


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