Saturday, September 8, 2012



He's only been in kindergarten for two weeks and the little stinker has already charmed
 the mess out of his teachers and the principal.

When I picked him up in the car pool line the other day, the principal and his teacher (who
were both on duty) walked him to our car.  They had these big smiles on their faces
 and told him good-bye as he climbed into the car.

The principal said, "Bye-bye sweet Noah."....

To which he and replied..."I love you, Principal."

....I'm happy to report that we've survived our first two weeks of kindergarten.
Noah comes home telling us all sorts of fun stories of what he and his classmates
 did while at how they scan their hand with an iPad to check for germs. ;-)
He loves that activity.  He's met new friends and tells us about them.
He's also learned some new songs in music that he enjoys performing for us in the evenings.

And really came as no surprise to learn that our fella had to make a visit
 to the principal's office this week just to have a "little chat"
about the pros and cons of taking blocks away from classmates, why we
shouldn't play in the sinks in the boy's bathroom and why it's really
important to sit still during circle time while your teacher is reading a book.

Oh boy!!!  Reading his behavior folder at night is as you can imagine---
a colorful experience.  :-)

Jody jokingly said to me the other night while we were looking at his behavior folder....

"It's going to be a long 12 years of school with
our little guy, isn't it?"

We both chuckled...

There's never a dull day with our precious son, that's for sure--some days
are harder than others (which is only natural) but I
wouldn't have it any other way.

He brings so much love, laughter and joy to our lives and
I thank Heavenly Father every day that I am blessed to be his mama.

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  1. Glad he has had a good few weeks. He'll learn to channel that energy into the right places in due time! LOL


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