Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Just a little something I've been pondering this week...

"We live in a world with all kinds of noise--external and internal. Our busy lives, 
our high-tech toys (some prefer to call them tools), and the ubiquitous background noise 
of modern society are but a few examples of the external noise that prevent us from 
hearing the Lord and learning of Him....

...In addition, internal noise comes in the form of 
worries and woes that rattle around in our heads, creating such an emotional
clatter we cannot comprehend His words and will for us....

...When I desire to hear His voice, feel His spirit, 
and learn of Him--especially when I am
discouraged, depressed, and desperately in need of strength--
I have to make extra time and exert extra effort 
to meditate. I am not talking about yoga meditation, hypnotic concentration,
or visualization exercises, though each of these 
may be helpful for some. You can call it what you like--focusing, pondering, 
"zoning out," "time out," quiet time, "minute vacations," or "going to my happy place."...

 ...In my own life I have learned (mostly the hard way) that meditation--taking time to 
think and feel deeply--is as vital to my emotional and spiritual well-being as 
proper nutrition and exercise is to my physical health."

- Brent L. Top, When You Can't Do It Alone, p. 88


Jody and I had a very humbling event take place this week.
One that has allowed both of us to see the Lord's hand
in our life...a tender reminder that
He is aware of our needs and blesses us
when we are patient and faithful in our trials.

I have been pondering this week how important it
is to work each and every day to stay close to Him.
To stay in tune with Him (even when we feel so very far away from Him)
and earnestly seek for answers to the questions we have in our lives.
It is in these times that we feel tender mercies in our lives,
and some times they come in the smallest and simplest ways.

But again, so often, it requires us to be "in tune" to truly recognize
the blessings and answers to our prayers.
And without question, in this busy and hectic world we live in,
it takes greater work and effort on our part to "truly see" with our spiritual eyes.

I am humbled to say that I have been reminded these past few days
of a gospel principle I have been taught since a young age
that more often than not,
the Lord blesses us and answers our prayers through others
in ways that we were not expecting.

When the time is right...I look forward to sharing more.



  1. Thank you for sharing, this is beautiful.
    Take good care of you and have a fantastic week =)

    1. Thanks, good to hear from you! :-)



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