Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jesus Fixed Me...

photo of Noah

The other night I was reading Noah a bedtime story.
After we finished, he said he wanted to show me a trick.
He's such an active little's usually a battle trying to get him down for the night. 
He walked over and positioned himself on his small pillow chair at the end of his bed.
And as I was just saying to him,
"Noah....You better NOT do what I think you're going to...."
But before I could get the words fully out,
he jumped from the pillow, in full aim for his bed, and yelled out loudly, "Superman!!"

To my horror, he didn't quite make it to the the mattress.  His knees both hit simultaneously the
foot of his bed with a loud bang and it knocked the wind out of him.  
There was the pause and then as I expected, loud screaming erupted....
I ran to him and gently picked him up and laid him on the bed.
He was crying hysterically from the pain and my first thought was he had to of broken something....
so I carefully straightened his legs out trying to see if anything was broken.
 My heart felt like it was about to pound through my chest.

He was in a great deal of pain and all I wanted to do as a Mom was wash away the pain
in that very moment, but I couldn't...

I called out to Jody about that time to come to the bedroom and help me.  He quickly came in and began
talking with Noah....asking him to show him where it hurt.
All the while I headed to the kitchen to get an ice pack.
I could already see that his little knees were starting to bruise,
but thankfully, nothing appeared to be broken. 

After we began icing where it hurt, Jody asked Noah if he'd like a priesthood blessing--
a special prayer in our faith to help him feel better.
Noah always loves when his Daddy gives him a blessing. 
He grinned (as best as he could through his tears), his lip trembling and shook his head "yes".

Jody then offered a very tender blessing to our dear son. Afterwards, he reassured him he was going to 
feel better soon.  He then reminded him that Jesus was watching out for him and would help him.
We propped his legs up on a pillow in his bed with his ice pack 
and then I laid down next to him and cuddled with him until he stopped crying
and finally, fell fast asleep.

Noah woke me up at about 4:00 that morning with a pat on my face and asked me for a drink of water.
We walked into the kitchen together and then the sweetest thing happened....
as I was pouring his water, he said to me
in the most excited voice and with the happiest smile on his face....

"Mommy!! My knees feel better!!... Jesus fixed me!!!"

My heart literally melted at that moment as we stood in the kitchen together
in the wee hours of the morning.

I am so thankful for Noah's tender testimony of Jesus and the faith that he had
that his little knees would feel better, just like his Daddy had promised him in his blessing.  


  1. Such a sweet story minus your adventurous guy getting hurt. : )

    1. Thanks, Katie! So happy you stopped by. :-)


  2. Ahh, the faith of a child. So sweet.


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