Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Geared up and ready to go...

Last Thursday, our family hit the road one last time before little man starts school 
and headed north to Wimberley. Our plans were to meet up with our extended family
 to spend a long weekend together.  The purpose of our fun gathering in the 
Hill Country was to celebrate Noah and his cousin, Ava's, 6th birthday.  
Ava turned 6 on the 2nd of this month and Noah will be turning 6 on the 29th.  
These two are thick as thieves and have been since birth, 
so my sis-in-law, Katherine and I decided it would be fun to host
 a joint birthday party for the kids.

We had great weather on the drive up...

Surprisingly, we only had one "emergency" pit stop on the drive up.
It's always a tell-tail sign that we've got to stop when he says excitedly, 
"Mom, I gotta go SUPER bad!" ;-)

I was really looking forward to seeing my parents and my bro and his family.  
It's tough living so far away from our family.  I really miss getting to see them 
on a more regular basis.  So as you can imagine, I was "all gitty" on the drive up 
knowing we'd get to spend our weekend together with them.  I was bummed that 
my brothers Brent and Jeff and their families couldn't make it--but we totally understood.  
Their busy work schedules got in the way and they couldn't swing it for this weekend.

In addition to the party, mom, Katherine and I had plans to go to the Wimberley Market Days
and do some shopping and antiquing together while there.  I was super excited about that.  

For us to get there, it's usually a full 5-hour drive.  Thankfully, Noah travels really well...
but usually by the time we make it to SanAntonio, that's about when he
starts to get stir crazy.  ;-)
He jumped out of his seat when we pulled into Wimberley....
 He couldn't wait to jump out and run around.

Jody and his dad were taking the canoe out for the very first time 
the following day on the San Marcos river.  
The night we pulled into town, we drove over first to check out the drop off 
and pick up spots for their maiden voyage.  

I'll admit it...I was getting a little nervous about this canoe
 adventure of theirs.  The San Marcos river is a little
more rough than the Blanco or Guadalupe rivers---just not sure if they picked
the right river for their first outing.  ;-)

We found this beautiful swimming hole.  Such a gorgeous little place.

On the drive through town, we saw lots of pretty cactus...

And some unique mailboxes....

After checking out the canoe route for Jody and his dad,
we headed straight into Wimberley to pick up the keys to 
the place where we were staying while there.

We went in together with my parents and brother and
 rented this cute little house just outside of Wimberley.
 Since we were the first to arrive at the house...I had a chance to walk 
around and take some pics before it was filled with 
wild-n-willy kids running and playing everywhere.  It felt so good to
finally get out of the car and stretch our legs after such a long drive.

Enjoying the beautiful and tranquil view
from the back porch of the house...

Here are a few pics of the house...

The owner of the property left us a note with cat food
 asking us to please feed their kitty cat during our stay.  
At first I wasn't so sure about letting Noah get close to her.
She was a bit intimidating....a big kitty with a creepy face,
 but we soon learned she really was a sweet kitty.

Noah fell in love immediately and gladly took over the duties of feeding her
for the remainder of our stay there.

I wasn't surprised...he is such an animal lover.  Just like his Grandma KiKi. ;-)

Once we got all of our things unloaded and were finally settled in the house... 
we enjoyed relaxing on the back porch together while we waited for my parents
and the rest of our family to arrive.  

More pictures and details to come in my next post of
our family get-together....

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