Thursday, August 23, 2012

As our summer draws to a close...

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Little Man and I have been enjoying our last week of summer together.  
He attended various weekly themed camps at the Little Gym most of this summer, 
but the past 2 weeks, he's primarily been at home with me.

During this time, we've watched some of our favorite movies together, read books, 
played with his trucks and trains.  Built a few forts. :-) 
But one of our favorite things to do together is make cupcakes.
We pulled out the mixer and all our ingredients the other day and made us a yummy batch.
 His favorite part is decorating them.  He always decorates a special one just for his
Daddy and we save it for him to eat when he gets home from work. 

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We've also been doing some grocery shopping together....
I usually try to do my shopping without little man because, well--how can
I say this nicely.... it can get REALLY crazy with him there...I'm usually chasing him up and down 
the aisles more often than not.   And I typically have to cut my grocery run short. 
 But since he and I won't have as much time together 
 after next week when school starts..I thought what the heck...we'll go 
grocery shopping together.

Thankfully, both trips to HEB, he did pretty good by staying with me and not running off. 
He was actually a good helper and had fun pushing the cart for me.
We didn't always agree though about which food items should be placed in the grocery cart.  ;-) 
 As you can see above....
he inevitably gravitated to the sweet stuff and liked to toss them into the cart
when Mommy wasn't looking.  

He said to me about the Oreos and Zingers when I said he needed to put
them back...."But Mommy....I got them for Daddy.  He really needs them."
We typically don't keep processed cookies or sweet treats in the house. Too tempting
and so not healthy.

I had to chuckle though with his sweet response...and, since our fun summer is 
quickly drawing to a close,  I decided to buy the sweets this time and let him 
enjoy them.

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The other night, little man helped me make this delicious meal....the hubby loved it.

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I made it a priority this summer to get caught up on printing my blog books.  
The last two arrived in the mail last week.  It feels so great to finally be caught up. 
We've enjoyed reading through them and re-living so many special memories.

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Because of all the west-nile virus scare we're having here in Texas right now,
 I've been hesitant to let little man play outside in the water.  He has
always been a mosquito magnet since he was a baby and swells up with the
nastiest welts from any bites.   Needless to say, he has been very upset about it--
especially since it's one of his favorite things to do in the summer.  

But the other night, I decided to throw caution to the wind....
since school is starting next week and we won't have much time to do this---
I let him enjoy some play time out in the sprinklers.
But as you can imagine, I sprayed him down heavily with bug spray---
several layers.  He was not happy with me about that.

But he quickly forget about it once he was having fun playing in the 
sprinkler. And thankfully, he didn't get one mosquito bite.  

Tonight is "Meet the Teacher" night at his new school.  He's really excited,
but also a little nervous.  Kindergarten is something he's been looking forward to 
for a while.   I just pray he gets a good who is loving and patient, yet firm. 
We'll find out in a few hours when he meets his kinder teacher for the 
very first time.
 I honestly don't know who's more nervous ....little man or us. ;-) 



  1. can you believe how fast summer went! love your pics. noah is such a cutie and you couldn't be a cuter mom. love the pic of him pushing the grocery cart. haha. his facial expression is so cute. have a great weekend my friend! keep avoiding those mosquitos!!!

    1. Hey Rachelle....thank you! and yes! the summer did fly's kind of sad, but on the flip side---we're really looking forward to the fall. cooler weather, football season, hot chocolate= good times. :-) so glad you stopped by the 'ole blog.


  2. i've been enjoying parousing your blog... absorbing the photos and tender stories. you seem to be a super sweet mama, and i love that you were a principal and educator, and are now a SAHM. but i saw your photo/blog books, and just had to ask!! what company have you used? was it difficult? are you pleased (assuming yes, since you've done several...) i've been wanting to do this, but have found no easy way. would love your input. patty or you can just comment at my blog! thanks!!!

    ps: thanks for visiting last week!


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