Monday, July 23, 2012

When GiGi came to town {part two}...

In my last post, I shared how Noah and I spent a week in Dallas 
staying at my brother and sister-in-law's house watching their kiddos.  
It was such a fun trip for us and I wanted to wrap it up by sharing
a few more pictures and memories of the time I spent with my 
nieces and nephew. 

Just to give you and idea of our normal routine most mornings while I was there....

Ava would wake around 6:45 AM or 7:00AM...yikes...I gotta say, I am spoiled because
Noah usually doesn't wake up in the summer until 9:00 or 9:30AM.
I learned pretty quickly after she woke this early by the 2nd day
that this would be our routine for the next few days. 
I could hear her pitter-patter into my room like clock-work.  I'd usually just chuckle as she walked in
and would then wave her into the bed with me and Noah.
She'd always get the biggest smile on her face.

About 15 minutes later, Miss Lola would follow suit.  
At this point, I'd roll out of bed and let her have my spot in the bed.
I'd then usually get a cartoon started for them after they 
both nestled in with Noah.  I'd then head to the kitchen 
to make them some breakfast.  Around 7:30, Noah would wake up 
and see that he was flanked by Ava and Lola on either side.  
He'd usually get this grin on his face and start watching the cartoon with them.

All three usually ate their breakfast in bed (sorry Katherine!) while watching their cartoons.
 Aunt GiGi would then head back to the kitchen, 
take her Excedrin for migraine and pop open a Coke Zero to get my juices flowing for the day.  
Did I mention that I didn't sleep much while I had babysitting duty....
and usually woke up  most mornings with a mother -load headache.  ;-)

Thankfully, by 8:15 or 8:30 each morning, my diet Coke and the Excedrin always kicked in 
like clock-work and I felt ready to take on the day. 

Around 8:45 or 9:00, baby Otto would usually start humming from his room.  
This was literally one of my favorite parts of my stay with the kids...
.getting to walk in Otto's baby room and see him smile the biggest smile from ear to ear.  
He was always so happy to see Aunt GiGi walk in the door.  
I'd pick him up and give him the biggest hug and kiss.  
Yes, I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and get to 
hug, kiss, snuggle and coo with a baby. 

Literally, one of the best feelings in the world!! 

After changing little Otto's diaper, we'd usually head into the kitchen 
to feed his little tummy.  
I always cracked up because He would give 
me this look like.... "Feed me woman!" 

Thankfully, the kiddos would usually still be glued to the tv
 watching a cartoon at this time -- which worked out perfect 
with our schedule so I could have enough time to feed Otto....
man, it really is a balancing act when you have more than one child...
all things that I had to adjust to since I'm the mother to only one. ;-)

At one point during my stint as babysitter, my sister-in-law, Sheri 
came over for a visit with my niece and nephew, Beck and Kinsey in tow.   
It was so great to see them and the kids had a great time playing together.  
I think Noah really enjoyed having Beck in the house...
he liked having another boy in the house to play with. ;-)

Then, let's of our other fun activities while I was there was
going to the park.  There is this great little park just past North Park mall that
we would go to.
The only real bummer was it was just so stinking hot,
it was hard for the kids to really enjoy it.
But we all made the best of it. 

To cool off and escape the heat, we'd park ourselves under the shaded area. 
Ava, Noah and Lola would usually start splashing each other 
in the water fountain while Otto and I watched on.

(Ava's pet lizard...he is the coolest thing...he shed his skin while we were there...
it was so neat to watch him work it off....the kids loved it!)

While we were in town, my extended family planned a little get-together at my brother, Jeff's
home where we celebrated my niece, Kinsey's 2nd birthday.
My brother, Brent, he brought their bounce house and this great blow up pool
for the kids to play in.  It was a perfect way to help keep the kids cool in all this summer heat
and still let them play their little hearts out together.

The kids had a blast outdoors playing and 
we all enjoyed the tasty birthday cake.
Beck (Brent's, son)

Ava, Brian's oldest daughter...

Sweet Marcus,  Jeff's son...

Our little man...

The birthday diva....Kinsey Faith (Brent's daughter)

And little Miss Lola...Brian's daughter

It came as no surprise that as soon as we finished singing Happy Birthday,
the kids immediately were drawn to the icing and little fingers 
began to graze the sides of the cake.  
Argh!!!....I can't say I blame them though...I'm an icing girl myself.
And as a little kid, I was one of the first to sink my finger into a birthday cake.

We had a real nice time celebrating Kinsey's 2nd b-day.

On that Sunday, my parents came over to help me get the kiddos dressed
and ready for church.  I truly appreciated their help.
While Pops and Lola were waiting for the rest of us to get ready,
they enjoyed an episode of the Swamp People...

Our church outing was a success on Sunday....all thanks to KiKi and Pops.

And well, by Monday night... after 5 fun-filled days as the full-time babysitter,
I was relieved of my duties.
Brian and Katherine returned home from Seattle and I must say,
 as much as I enjoyed my time as the babysitter,
 it was a bit of a relief to see them come home.

Noah and I had an extra day with our family before having to fly out, so on the last day
we were there, Brian and Katherine surprised me with two really neat gifts....
They paid for me to have a 90-minute massage at the Aveda Salon....oh mama!
It was probably the best massage I've had in my life.

And then later that evening, they got a babysitter for the kiddos and
 took me to see the new SpiderMan movie at Studio Movie Grill (my favorite move theater).
I had so much fun getting to spend this time with the two of them....I always do.

Below are Katherine and I at the NorthPark mall
stocking up on some candy to take to the movies.
Yes, I'll admit it...
I blew my diet completely and chowed down
in the movie on some good 'ole Tiger Butter we bought from this store
all the while slurping down my big Dr. Pepper! Yikes!!

And these are the last of my fun pics and memories from my time as Aunt GiGi (the babysitter).
 I was worried that I would feel overwhelmed and completely pooped out by this event, but I gotta say,
I think Heavenly Father was watching out for all of us because overall, the kids were so good for me.
 They enjoyed playing with each other (most of the time) and
I was able to juggle everyone's needs and schedules without really hitting
any bumps in the road.

Such a wonderful blessing....

I'll always cherish these precious 5 days I had with my
beautiful nieces and nephew....



  1. What a fun time! And, I know it was much appreciated that you stayed with them.

  2. Love you and loved reading these posts. I'm glad it was such a wonderful experience on different levels. Blessed to have you in my life.


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