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The week Aunt GiGi came to town {Part One}.

Several months ago my sister-in-law Katherine and I were talking about the 10-year anniversary trip she and my brother Brian were planning.  They were thinking about heading to Seattle for a few days.  I thought it sounded like such a fun trip.  I then asked her who was going to keep the kids and I could tell she wasn't quite sure how they were going to work it all out.  And about that time in our conversation, I thought to myself how fun it would be for Noah and I (a/k/a Aunt GiGi to my nieces and nephews) to come to Dallas the week they were gone and I could keep the kiddos.  I knew Noah would have an absolute blast getting to spend so much time with his cousins.  And so, I told Katherine I'd love to watch the kids while they took their special anniversary trip and well, that was that....the planning began.

Two weeks ago Noah and I headed to the airport, hopped on our plane and headed to Dallas. Little man was all excited about seeing his cousins. We spent 7 days hanging out with my nieces and nephew in their home.  I absolutely LOVED my time with the kids.  Ava (who is just 3 weeks older than Noah, 5 yrs.), Lola (age 3yrs.) and Otto (12 months) were so good and made their Aunt GiGi feel so loved while I was there.  I feel so very blessed to have such amazing and beautiful nieces and nephews. In addition to the pics I posted here and here....I am finally sorting through the rest of my picture files of our time in Dallas.  Here are more pictures of the first few days of our stay in Dallas...

 Miss Ava...

 Miss Lola...

 And sweet Baby Otto...this little fella has definitely stolen his Aunt GiGi's heart!  
It was such a joy to be able to spend 7 days with this dear little boy.

Thank goodness for modern day technology...
they were my saving grace on more than one occasion during our week together--
especially on the rainy days when we couldn't go outside to play. ;-)

 I loved taking pics of all my sister-in-law's pretty succulents she has around the house.

 The day before Brian and Katherine flew out to Seattle, 
we headed over to one of their neighbor's house  
for a fun 4th of July get-together.  

 The kids were enamored while watching one of the Dads
light this snake-looking slow burning firework thingy. 

We made a few trips to Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds while I was there...and yes, inevitably
there was usually some sort of drama that would ensue from the backseat between these 4... ;-)

Aunt GiGi he touched me...she looked at me....he has the iPad....yada...yada...yada...
it always made me crack up to hear them working things out on their own.

After watching the kids play non-stop together the first 2 days we were there, I knew it was
going to be an exciting, fun and yes, at times, draining week for this chicka. 
I can definitely say I have a greater appreciation for all you moms out there
who have 4 or more is without question a full-time and demanding job.

But so, so worthwhile and rewarding.

I was so nervous the first day and night I was alone with the kids.  It was an adjustment for me
 to take care of 4 kids all at once instead of just my one.  I had to be creative with the schedule so I
could provide enough activities and play-time for the older kids and yet still
make sure I made time in our day time schedule for little Otto to eat on time and
get his nap-time in.

The first two nights, it was an experience trying to get Noah, Ava and Lola
to stay in bed and go to sleep.  Whew!  And then, I was worried the girls might wake up
during the night....scared...and upset that mommy and daddy were not there.
Honestly, I think I only slept 2 or 3 hours that first night because I was worrying about the kids.

But  thankfully, after our first day and night together....I had a greater sense of peace
about our time together.  The girls (and even Noah...ha...ha...) had fun calling
out my name..."Aunt GiGi...Aunt GiGi..." when they needed me.
And so, everything seemed to work out smoothly for us, well....other than
this night...

When Lola didn't feel like going to bed until 1:00AM...wowzers!
Can you tell Aunt GiGi was worn out in this pic??!!
And that a certain 3-year old was showing no signs of being sleepy at midnight.

And so I texted my bro and sis-in-law and said..."Look who's still up!!!"

And then we got this video from mama....

And lo and behold...Lola watched the video sitting next  to me and then
she just got up from the couch,
didn't say a word... turned and walked into her bedroom
and went right to sleep.

I was laughing so was hilarious!

It was good for me to be able to give this service to my brother and sister-in-law...
the timing of this couldn't have been better because I have been feeling a little down
about our recent failed adoption.  I can honestly say that caring for
 my nieces and nephews for several days truly lifted my spirits.

Serving others is without question a great prescription for healing one's soul and
allows you to draw closer to Christ.
Christ-like service can enhance and improve one's outlook on life....
When we are focused on other's happiness,
we are provided  an opportunity to take our minds off our own problems.
And magically, when it is done with the right attitude, these experiences have the ability to
not only bless the lives of those we serve, but also our own lives.

I was reminded of this while I spent my week in Dallas with my family.  ;-)  

More cute cousin pics to come in a later post. 



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  1. wow, your sister in law's succelents look really good! I wish mine looked the same! Does she have a secret?
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