Monday, July 30, 2012

Some Deer, Texas BBQ, and Antiquing...all in a weekend.

We have sure enjoyed Noah being out of school this summer and having a more 
flexible schedule for our family.  We have tried to maximize this time by taking some 
road trips to the Hill Country and spending some quality time together.  
Whenever Jody has some spare time (which is few and far between usually) 
we've taken road trips to Austin and Wimberley to oversee 
the clearing of trees we are having done on our land there.  
We know once September hits and Noah starts kindergarten 
(given how rigid the state public school attendance laws are in Texas...argh!) our traveling and 
spending time with extended family in the Hill Country will cut down dramatically.  Boo!!! 

On each of our road trips, since we live 5 miles from the Mexico's just become 
normal for us to have to pass through the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint.  You can't leave 
the lower rio grande valleywithout passing through one.  
It's kinda weird that they have a border
 checkpoint an hour or more north on our side of the U.S. border, but that shows you 
how far illegals are able to travel without being caught. as I said, the border patrol checkpoint that we have to pass 
through is about an hour north of our home between McAllen and San Antonio.  
On our last road trip, I decided to snap a few pictures of the view of going through 
the border check in Falfurrias.  It used to be a little intimidating and scary 
when we'd go through ( I don't know why....I mean, I'm not a drug user, I'm not here illegally 
and I'm not trying to transport any weapons of mass destruction....well, that is 
unless you count our 5-year old son who has definitely been known to 
wreak some havoc!!..ha...ha ;-) , but I used to get all nervous when the officers 
very sternly question us about our residency) Nowadays, it's a piece of cake for me 
when we drive through.  I don't get all hivey on my neck and blush.  
They basically just ask us if we're United States citizens... 
and we answer yes.... and then they peek in the window of our 
car to see who all we have with us....that's when Noah waves and says hey....and they then
 wave us on through.  Easy...peesy when you're a law abiding U.S. citizen.  

I had a pretty funny story that goes with these pics below grandma called 
me very concerned the other day.  
Apparently my brother and sis-in-law (ahem....I won't name their names ;-)  they went to visit her 
and showed Nanny these Instagram pics of me at the border patrol checkpoint wherein 
I guess they made the assumption (based on the pictures) that we were crossing into Mexico.  

I had to chuckle when she started "reading me the right act" media---
you gotta love all the drama it can create in our lives.  It was sweet though that 
she was worried about us. 

Needless to say, after I clarified for her that we had IN NO WAY traveled across
 the border into Mexico, she calmed down and we had a good 'ole laugh about it.   

This is the lovely entryway into the neighborhood where our property is located....
I love the rustic, stacked stone design.  

We rented this little B&B house below for this last visit since there aren't really any hotels
 to stay in while visiting Wimberley.
The property management company we use to locate our rentals when we visit is this one.
Really nice and helpful folks!  

We've always enjoyed the cottages we've rented while in Wimberley,
but we weren't too impressed with this one.
Mainly because of how far it is from the downtown area.  
We had to drive about 15 minutes to get there and overall, it just lacked that cozy,
comfy feel we usually have felt in the other properties we've rented.  
But the real deal breaker for us on this property was
we killed 4 scorpions in the house while there which really freaked us out. 

 It was definitely a challenge trying to relax knowing there were more of those suckers 
probably lurking around...yikes!!

Noah and I had fun walking around the property and looking for rocks...
he loves collecting rocks when we're out in the country.

And we were so surprised at how many deer were 
wondering around town this visit. They are definitely out for 
the summer looking for food.  It was fun taking their picture....
they are such beautiful animals.

We ate at our favorite BBQ joint....the Salt Lick.  
It's in Dripping Springs, which is about 12 miles from our land.  
 And I can tell you this was one of the major selling points for us when we were looking
 at buying our land--knowing we would be living 
someday so close to the best BBQ joint in Texas.  ;-)
And their sauce, oh's finger lick'in good....
yep, that's right. ;-)

We were fortunate, there's usually an hour wait to eat, but we got there before the dinner crowd hit and were seated right away.

They have great pecan pie, too....and they'll even be so kind as to 
serve it with a big 'ole scoop 
of Blue Bell ice cream if you ask nicely. And yes, if you're wondering, 
I am speaking from experience here. ;-)  

Noah met some new friends while we waited for our food to arrive...

My waistline sure didn't need this, but man-oh-man, my tastebuds were in heaven.

After we finished eating, we sat outside for a while and enjoyed this musical duo.  
I think Noah thought the female singer was pretty cute...
he kept walking over and giving her the sweet eyes. ;-)

This has become his trademark stance when he's 
had enough of his mama taking pictures.
It cracks me up.

Daddy teaching little man a few tips 
on how you tip properly.

See... do you see that??...he made the pretty girl blush.  
Yep, that's our boy!!  
Already flirting it up with the pretty ladies. ;-)

He then charmed this cowboy into 
giving him a free lemonade.  
We had a great time eating at the Salt Lick together....good times.  
That was at least until little man face planted off of the brick wall 
that he was standing on while watching the band.  
Thankfully he only got a few scratches but it naturally gave us a pretty big scare
 the way he landed on his head.  
Oh my....little boys....never a dull day raising them.

On our way out of Wimberley, as we started back home, 
we made a stop in the little town of Fischer.  
These shops had some lovely antiques.  

I fell in love with both of these....

So many pretty, pretty things to look at....

I could have stayed for much longer looking around, but unfortunately,
 the natives were getting restless and so mama
 had to leave sooner than she! 

I really need a girls only weekend of antiquing...

The hubby took this money shot of the flag...I just love it. 

But then, it was time to load up and head back to the Rio Grande Valley. 
Before hitting the road, we stocked little man up on his snacks and drinks 
for the 5-hour road trip.  We fueled up the suburban and then 
we hit the road and headed back home.

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