Friday, July 13, 2012

...Fourth of July fun with family.

Wow! As you can probably tell, I am so behind on all my blog posts these days.  So much in fact that when I uploaded my last set of pictures to my computer this morning, I felt a little overwhelmed by all the pictures I have to share. 

I have been focused so much the past two weeks on getting this new blog space of mine set up, i.e. ironing out the kinks with my new Facebook blog page, coordinating all the changes with BlogHer --had to get new paperwork sent in to update my url to coordinate with my ads, etc.  Whew!  I guess you could say I'm still feeling the effects of having to switch to a new blog name and's a lot of work to get everything transferred, designed and set up for a new blog as many of you probably already know.  I'm happy to say though that so far everything seems to be falling into place and I'm feeling much better about my new home for my blog.  

I thought I'd begin by catching you up a little with some of the fun pictures I took of our 4th of July holiday.  We had a great 4th celebrating it with my brother, Brian and his family in Dallas.  I  have been out of town for over a week taking care of my nieces and nephew while I was in Dallas.  Brian and his wife, Katherine, they went to Seattle for a few days to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary and I offered to keep their kiddos while they were out of town.   Jody had to work so he couldn't make the trip with us, so that was the only bummer, not getting to celebrate the 4th with him and having to be away from each other for an entire week.   But I will say, I think my dear hubby enjoyed the quiet time at the house for a few days without us, so it all worked out in the end. 

We celebrated the 4th with some of Brian and Katherine's friends in Highland Park.  It was a beautiful, sunny day...just perfect for an early morning parade and then followed by an afternoon of swimming at the pool.  

Here are some of our fun pictures from our fourth of July holiday....

 Noah met a new dog friend to play with while we were you can see, he was having way too much fun keeping the dog company while we waited for the parade to begin.

 There was a really nice turnout for the parade that morning and we had the perfect spot right in front of to watch.

 Noah loved seeing all the kiddos on their bikes....

Several elected Texas officials rode in the parade...

 Katherine posing for about this point in the parade it started to get really hot.  So we went back to the house and tag-teamed it with the was their turn to watch over the kids for the duration of the parade.  :-)
My cute niece, Lola...she was getting a little bored with the parade and came to sit with us in the shade.  She asked if she could play a game in my iPhone.  I can't say I blame was getting a little too toasty to stand out in the street.

 And it wasn't long before little man headed over to the shade....he was ready to hit the pool and go swimming.   We all were at that point and so we gathered the kids together and headed to the backyard pool to cool off.

 I enjoyed visiting with Brian and Katherine's friends...they were so nice and we really had a wonderful afternoon swimming at their pool and eating hot dogs.  

The kids swam for about 2 hours....they were all pretty worn out by the time we said our good-byes and headed back home.

Noah is very blessed to have as many cousins as he has who are so close in age. They always have a wonderful time when they get together. This really was a fun way for us to celebrate our 4th of July this year....spending time with our loved ones. I'm so grateful for the time we had to spend with my brother and his precious family.



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