Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Olympian swimmer in the making.

Do you remember the summer you learned how to swim?

I sure do....

I was probably around 6 or 7 years old and, it was so exciting
to be able to make it all the way across the pool by myself for the first time.  
Mrs. Ratton, my piano teacher, her son (who was in high school at the time I believe)
was my swim teacher.  I also remember thinking he was pretty cute.
My lessons were out at our little Country Club in my hometown.
At the time it seemed like the biggest and most intimidating pool I'd ever seen, 
and I was worried I'd never be able to swim underwater by myself.

I still remember the first time I jumped off the diving board and swam all the way across
the pool to my swim teacher. I felt such pride swell in my heart.
I also remember my mama cheering and clapping for me 
from the side of the pool.  Oh how happy that made me to hear her cheering for me!
It  encouraged me to keep going every time I looked over and saw her sweet smile.
I knew that my Mom believed in me and for a shy kid like myself,
that meant the world to me and gave me the confidence I needed to keep trying.

Our little man is quickly becoming a pro at this summer swimming gig of his.  
Last summer, he took a few lessons, but he continued to be scared through each lesson.  
But let me tell ya, this summer...he has come out of his shell and truly blossomed. 
In fact, he's known as the little charmer of his class.  Yep, that's right!
He likes to flirt with all the ladies....
that would include his swim coach, a few of the other moms and of course...
 all the cute little girls that swim alongside him in class.  

It cracks Jody and I up to watch him in action. And without question, I now know how
my mom must have felt all those years ago watching me learn to swim.
My heart swells with love as I watch our dear son come bursting out of the water
with the biggest and happiest smile on his face.
And, after weeks of practicing in the evenings, he's also become a great
little swimmer.   

We couldn't be prouder! 

Ms. Veronica, his swim coach, she always chuckles at little man.  
When it's his turn to swim across the pool to her, 
it usually takes her a few minutes to get his attention because he's either
knee deep in a conversation with one of the boys about some toy truck 
of his or he's charming one of the girls.  

Veronica made the comment, "Noah sure isn't lacking in confidence is he??!!"
I said, "No ma'am....and he never has." ;-)

What a blessing that is for us to hear from others...

Jody has always said that the greatest gift we can give
our children is confidence.  I don't know if we've really given Noah
confidence, per say, but we have tried our best to this point in his life to
provide him all sorts of opportunities where he can hopefully learn more about himself,
discover his God-given talents and abilities and more importantly....
grow a deeper sense of confidence and self worth about himself.

Yep....we're betting after this fun-filled summer of swim lessons
that our little man is going to continue to enjoy 
swimming for a very long time.  


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  1. I love his gogles (is that the word?). He is sooo cute!!!!
    Hope you're doing good!


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