Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday thoughts...

There is a green hill far away, 
Without a city wall, 
Where the dear Lord was crucified, 
Who died to save us all. 
We may not know, we cannot tell What pains He had to bear; 
But we believe it was for us He hung and suffered there. 
He died that we might be forgiv'n, He died to make us good, 
That we might go at last to Heav'n, Saved by His precious blood. 
There was no other good enough, To pay the price of sin; 
He only could unlock the gate Of Heav'n and let us in. 
Oh, dearly, dearly has He loved, And we must love Him too; 
And trust in His redeeming blood, And try His works to do.

~"There Is A Green Hill Far Away" hymn written by Cecil Francis Alexander (1818-1895)

     At church today, instead of singing this hymn, it was read aloud at the close of one of the speaker's talks during our Sacrament meeting.  I don't know about you, but when I hear the lyrics to a song read aloud, particularly a hymn, they often have deeper meaning for me.  I felt the Spirit so strongly while it was read -- that all too familiar pounding in my heart--affirming the truth of what I was hearing.  The speaker read the words so reverently and yet ever so powerfully.  They seemed to speak truth and peace to my heart.  This speaker, you see, is a lover of music.  He is both a college music professor and a very talented musician.  He serves in our church as a counselor in the Bishopric with my husband.  The two of them have become dear friends.  He is naturally passionate about music and loves to express his love for the gospel and the Savior through it---which was evident today as he shared his message using this particular hymn as a teaching tool.  I always enjoy when this dear brother is asked to speak at church---he is a strong man in the gospel and has a deep and abiding love for the Lord.  But today as he equated this hymn's lyrics with the Savior's love for us, my heart seemed to overflow with gratitude for the Lord.

     This little space of mine is not only for posting all the fun pics of our little family's daily lives, but it's also my little place to record the matters of my heart...particularly those of a spiritual nature.  I hope someday my son may benefit from the humble testimony that I ever so often share here. It can feel overwhelming at times living in this old world.  I hope to shield him from the evils of this world as long as I can, but as we all know as parents, that simply isn't possible.  He will have his own set of trials and tribulations to face in this world as he grows older.  But until then, I hope Jody and I can continue to teach and bear testimony of the Savior while he is still young and help him understand where he can turn for safety and peace during the storms of life. I hope we can instill in him a knowledge that Lord is mindful of each our worries and concerns---He is never too far away---and will always stand beside us to help ease our burdens.  And to guide us back to our heavenly home with our Heavenly Father.  There is such peace and comfort in this knowledge.  Something we hope to pass on to our son while he is young.

     Noah asked me the other day, "Mommy where is Jesus?...Why can't we see him?"  I kind of chuckled at first, but then almost immediately, I felt the weight of his question.  I felt the responsibility I have as his mother to teach him an important gospel principle at that moment.  I said a quick prayer in my heart for guidance about what I should say and then responded, "Well, baby...he's ALWAYS here with us.  He loves you so much.  You are very special to Him, Noah.  You can't see him, but he can ALWAYS see you.  Even though we can't physically see him with our eyes right now, we can pray to him anytime we need Him and then we will feel Him with us in our hearts and mind." He smiled and seemed to understand.  He then said, "I love Jesus so much Mommy."  :-) A tender moment for us, indeed.

     I hope he continues to have this child-like desire to really know Jesus---to want to be near him and to live his life in accordance with Christ's teachings and principles.




  1. You have a beautiful soul and great love for Jesus. God Bless YOU!

    Your son is so lucky to learn about God from his mama.

    1. Thanks, Christine! I feel so blessed to be his momma! :-)

  2. I just love you blog. Your posts are so sweet. What a gift children are and the sweet questions they ask. What a blessing and sweet moment to have that question be asked!

    1. Hey really was one of those special moments for me as a mom. So humbling to hear him sincerely ask about Jesus and eager for me to explain to him how he can get closer to him. :-)


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