Monday, June 4, 2012

Our weekend and a visit to see grandparents...

I can't believe how fast the weekend flew it really Monday already? ;-(   At least summer is now here, YAY!  We're really happy that Noah is out of school for his summer vacation.  It was nice this morning not having to drag him out of bed and get him ready for school.  He and I are NOT morning people, so getting up early and getting off to school is never fun.  Jody and I were talking this weekend about where we might want to go this summer for a little getaway....the jury is still out on that one. We can't decide where or what we want to do for a family vacation.  Any suggestions???

We had a really nice weekend....Jody ended up not having to go to trial on a case that he settled at the eleventh hour on Friday night, so we enjoyed some family time on Saturday afternoon which was nice.  We ate lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Hop-Tung (Noah loves their noodles) and then enjoyed some of our favorite yogurt from Orange Leaf afterwards.

Church was nice yesterday...Noah looked so handsome in his little church outfit.  After church, Daddy had to stay late, so Noah and I came on home.  He and I had fun playing games and building some forts with his legos while Daddy did his Bishop thing at church the rest of the day and evening.  Poor thing...his Sundays are always so long---usually 12 hour days.

{little man teaching me how to build a proper fort with his legos and tinker toys before bedtime...}

After Noah went to bed, I DVR'd the Miss USA pageant...I have to say I don't agree with the winner, but oh well--definitely not going to lose any sleep over that event.  My pageant days are long, long over. ;-) I was cracking up as I was watching it because the majority of these young ladies who were competing weren't even alive when I was competing back in college in the Miss Texas Pageant---it's hard to believe that was exactly 20 years ago this summer. that thought really makes me feel old!

{me competing in the Miss Texas Pageant as Miss Port Arthur back in the summer of 1992 and surprisingly, this little shy country girl placed 4th runner up that year....I was 20 yrs. old....too funny!}

{this is me last night with my "happy momma" face after getting my boy to sleep and finally having some down time to myself to watch the Miss USA pageant on t.v. ....yee-haw!} I'm done with my little trip down memory lane with my experience with pageants while in college.  After I finished watching that, Jody returned home from church.  He and I stayed up for a while discussing some new developments with our second adoption.  I know I haven't shared much about what is going on with our adoption lately on our blog---but given the fact that we have had a few failed placements, we're a little gun shy this time around sharing much.  If you can keep our little family in your prayers---we would be really grateful.  We are prayerful that if this adoption is God's will---it will work out.  I have a strong testimony in the power of prayer and try as I might, I know in my heart that the Lord loves us and knows what is best for us.  Without a doubt, He has carried me through some very low points through this second time around of ours to adopt and at the end of the day, I have to keep reminding myself to trust in His will and have greater faith.

And now, changing topics here...we're looking forward to this week because Noah starts swim lessons---YAY!.  He'll be going 4 nights a week for the next 6 weeks---we're keeping our fingers crossed that he'll be a full-fledged swimmer by the end of his classes this year.  He took classes last summer from Ms. Veronica (she's the coolest swim teacher ever!) and he made great progress, but we never quite acquired the skills to swim underwater fully or to jump off the diving board.  However.... he informed me yesterday that those are his two goals for this summer.  He'd like to be able to swim underwater all by himself and he said he is going to be brave this year and jump off the diving we'll see.  It should be fun to watch...I'm betting there is going to be some drama involved with all of this.  You can bet I'm going to have my camera with me to capture every moment of it.  :-)

Lastly, I meant to share these pictures last week, but didn't get around to doing it.  I thought I'd share them with you this morning.  When we were in Dallas over the Memorial Day weekend, we decided to make a quick day trip to our hometown and visit Jody's parents.  Jody's dad has been feeling under the weather so we didn't want them to have to make the drive all the way to Dallas to see us.  Unfortunately, we would have loved to stay longer, but we had to be back in Dallas the next morning to catch our flight home.  But we ended up having a really nice visit with Pop and Janet while we were there for the day.  My mother-in-law made us one of her fabulous lunches.  She is such a great cook.  And as always, we were able to  soak in some of the peacefulness of their beautiful home in the country.  Noah always looks forward to visiting Pop and Janet and getting to tromp around their place exploring with Duke.  

 Janet's amazing peanut butter fudge...she made it especially for Jody because he was coming in town....she knows how much he loves it.  So yummy!

 Noah really enjoyed teaching Pop and Janet how to play some games on the iPad.

They have such a beautiful and peaceful home....we enjoyed our visit and wish that we could have stayed longer.  Pop we hope that you get to feeling better soon. 



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