Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our first week of swim lessons...

We've been having so much fun this week at Noah's swim lessons.  He'll be going in the evenings for the next 4 weeks... four nights a week for 40 minutes a session.  His teacher, Ms. Veronica, was his swim teacher last year for the latter part of the summer.  We started out taking lessons at the local University and then switched to Ms. Veronica at the end of the summer because there were simply too many kids in the  classes at the University.  Plus, the pool at the University was really massive.  I honestly think it was a little intimidating for Noah.  Ms. Veronica teaches her lessons at her personal pool -- her home and backyard are simply lovely.   It has this cottage-like setting and so it's very inviting and peaceful.  I think it helps ease Noah's anxiety about swimming just being at her home. She has all kinds of birds and a coy pond that he loves to check out each time we walk in.  We really love her demeanor with the kids, too---she just has that special charm with the little ones.  You know what I'm talking about....she knows just exactly how to get them over their fear of swimming---how to be loving and yet firm when she needs to.  Noah loves her and he especially loves her cool pool with the diving board and slide.  ;-)

He's doing so awesome this year!  We are really proud of him.  He's not afraid of the water like he was last year and he can swim almost the width of the pool by himself.  I {heart} this picture above....this is how our little guy looks when he comes up out of the water....he has the happiest smile every. single. time. he bursts up out of the water.  Pure joy!!  I love it!!  It literally just warms my heart to see it. 

One of his favorite exercises is diving underwater for the circular rings....last year he was too afraid to do this, but not this year.  YAY! We are making such progress buddy!  That little guy next to him is his new swimming buddy, Tristan.  They have become the best of friends this week in their classes and are having a blast learning how to swim together. 

Momma sometimes gets sidetracked by these pretty things....Ms. Veronica's backyard is just beautiful---it's a place that you'd just want to come an hang out in the summers with your friends and just chill with some lemonade.  She has all these lovely birds on her deck/porch area and I love to chit-chat with grandmother, Mimi, always had birds in her home and when I was a little girl, I used to love to talk to them when I'd go to her house in Dallas and visit.   

The first thing Noah does when we get to Ms. Veronica's is head over to the bird cages and tell all the birdies hello...of course, I usually have to remind him not to stick his hand in the cage of this big one below--he looks like he's ready to bite little fingers at any moment. ;-)

At the end of each class, the kids get to either slide down the slide or jump off the diving board.  We were so excited because it's only the first week of swim classes,  and Noah has willingly done both....the first night he jumped off the diving board and the second night, he went down the slide.  Again, such an improvement...last year, he wouldn't even think about doing either of these for us.  We begged, we bribed, we tried everything to get him to jump off the diving board and he wouldn't have anything to do with it---it's amazing what a year of growth and maturity will do for a child and their self- confidence.  Plus, I know it helps that he feels very secure and comfortable with his teacher, Ms. Veronica.  That makes all the difference.  

Here are just some short videos from our first week of swim lessons....I figured Noah's grandparents and cousins might like watching these.  ;-)


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