Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our first week of summer {via Instagram}

Jody, little man and I had a long wait at the DMV this week to pick up Mommy and Daddy's personalized licensed plates (we treated ourselves to these as our Christmas presents to each other back in December-we did the layaway plan with my we paid them out over the past 5 months). It was finally time to pick them up this week--YAY!....and wowzers, it took forever at the DMV to wait in line and then do all the stuff you have to do to get personalized licensed plates.  Thank goodness for the iPad.  It really helped us keep little man entertained during the long wait. 

I was so happy to open my mail this week and find the sweetest letter from my blogger friend, Sugar Mama---she is the sweetest lady and an amazing mama.  You can meet her here.

In the evenings, we have been spending our time outside (both front and backyard) ...Noah enjoys helping me water the plants and flowers. I love snapping pictures of all the colorful blooms that we have  right now.  

And when we're outside, Lola is always watching closely through the window.  Noah likes to blow her kisses through the window.
 But sometimes, he feels bad for her, and so he'll run back in the house and give her a hug and then come running back outside to help me water the plants.  It's so cute...these two are ever the bosom buddies.

 She has also been enjoying cuddling with me at night while I read my book. We're pretty tight like that, too. ;-)

 Little man sporting his new summer hat....he picked this up at Target the other day when we were in there shopping for something else and begged me to buy it for him.  He throws it on every time he heads out the door to play in the water in the backyard.  It's pretty cute. 

 We're all into hunting for bugs and spiders in our playhouse these days....
 This is how we pass time when we're bored and driving around in Daddy's truck --he says Daddy has cooler games on his phone than Mommy does.  He's probably right.  ;-)
 Sporting our new summer water shoes....he wears them to run through the sprinklers because he doesn't like running in the grass barefoot.  He swears he's going to get a sticker even though we don't have stickers in our grass....hummm.

 I smile every single time he wears his cowboy boots....

We captured this beautiful sunset the other night on the drive home from Noah's swim class.
 Daddy and I had a date night last night...woo-hoo!  We ate at Johnny Carino's and tried a new dessert this time.  We usually go with sort of chocolate dessert, but this time we tried the lemon cream cake....oh my goodness--it was really wonderful. 

After dinner, we headed over to the movies and saw Snow White and the was an entertaining flick.  The only bummer was I ended up getting one of my bad migraines during the movie---I think it was just too loud to be honest and that may have triggered it.  Sometimes they have the sound way too loud in the movie theatres (in my opinion).  It was pretty funny though, my headache started getting bad during the best part of the movie, and we didn't have a drink, so I tried to swallow my Advil by just swallowing without a drink (because I didn't want to miss the good part--ya know)....BIG MISTAKE...I did the full gag right there.  Jody looked over at me like I was a crazy woman!  We both busted out laughing.  Yes, I know...I'm a big dork.  So needless to say, I came home with a nauseating migraine--an Advil pill that still felt lodged in my throat and decided the best thing was to head straight to bed and try and sleep the headache away.  Jody took over with Daddy duties and got Noah to bed, because as luck would have it, he was still wide awake when we got home.  Our babysitter had no success getting him down for bed.  The headache was no fun, but other than that---we had a fun date night.  

And that is our first week of fun summer pictures {via Instagram}....hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!




  1. Darn! I wanted to see pics of the plates!!!

    Love ya:)

  2. Looks like summer is off to a great start! Sorry about the migraine. Our youngest daughter suffers from them, so not fun!!!

  3. Love those pictures. That one of the sunset is beautiful.


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