Thursday, May 24, 2012

A well spent $5 ticket.

We recently attended a local high school talent show.  Some dear friends of ours, their daughter was performing in this show, and so they invited us to attend.  And let me just say, it was the best  $5 we spent all week ....MAN---these kids were so talented!!  Jody and I were blown away.  We took Noah with us and he loved all the singing and dancing--so much in fact, he was begging us to get up on the stage with the older kids by the end of it.  ;-)

Here are a few pictures from our fun night at the talent show....we got there just as it was starting, and so we had to sit at the very back of the auditorium.   Unfortunately, all of these pics were taken way far away from the stage.  But you can get an idea of what the production looked like...

 Our friend's daughter, Rhianna above singing in the red dress...she did a fabulous job--we were so proud of her.  ;-)  

This young was really sweet--before they began singing, she took a moment to dedicate this song to her Daddy.  She explained how she is a senior and this is her last year to perform.  I thought how proud her Daddy must have been sitting out in the audience. These are the times as a parent when it makes all the hard times worthwhile....seeing your child excel in something they've worked so hard at.  

This skit was hilarious....

 This performance was one of my favorite....these two could sing---wow!

 And wowzers....these guys were awesome dancers....they have their own dance crew and are hired to perform at local events around town.

These two guys at the table...they spin records at local high school parties I think....they were really good--the crowd went crazy when they came out.  It made me think of my brother, Brian....he loves to spin records still at different events in Dallas. 

 Afterwards, they announced a 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winner of the talent contest....we were a little surprised by the 2nd and 1st place winners---not who we had in mind as the winners, but in all honesty, they were all so good--I'm sure the judges had a difficult time making their choice.

What a fun night.  Jody and I were talking afterwards how neat it was to see all these teenagers putting their time, talents and energies toward something worthwhile and positive.  We look forward to when Noah is older and supporting him as he {hopefully} gets involved with extra-curricular activities like these at his school.  Fun times ahead....


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  1. What a fun evening. I grew up performing at my local high school. I still have a lot of fond memories from that time. It's such a great thing for kids to get involved in.


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