Friday, May 11, 2012

Ten wonderful years...

 Jody and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary yesterday.   Wow.... It feels really good to be able to say that out loud....we've been married for 10 years.  

I pulled out our special love letter that Jody wrote me back in 1988 and re-read it {we keep it framed on our mantle here at the house}.  It always makes me smile.  This letter actually has a funny story behind it.  Jody and I grew up in the same small town in North East Texas.  Our parents have known each other forever.  Jody played baseball and football with my brothers growing up.  His older sister Teresa used to babysit me and my younger brothers.  So there was a lot of history between us before we ever married.  

We never really dated in high school other than our prom date we had in the spring of 1989.  I was a year ahead of Jody in school, so we didn't always run in the same circle of friends.  I do remember spending time with him at church every once in a while---he would always make everyone laugh during our Sunday School class---he and Brandon Dodd were always funny together.  We had lockers next to each other during my junior year and so I remember my ever funny hubby would often flirt with me.  I thought he was really handsome, funny and witty---but for whatever reason, I thought I could never date someone that was younger than me.   It just wasn't the cool thing to do in my mind....I know---pretty silly, right?  But hey...I was a silly teenager.  It also didn't help that I was really shy and he loves to give me a hard time of how he mistook my shyness as being snobby.  Boo!

In all honesty, this letter {I'm sure} was written as more of a joke by Jody more than anything back in the day.   He doesn't remember writing it (nor do I)--it was so long ago.   But the funny thing is (and what we cherish most about it now) is how he signed the bottom of the letter.  That was the real clincher for us 12 years later when we read it after just getting engaged.  If you look closely at the bottom.... under his signature, it reads:  

..."your future husband"

Now fast forward from 1988 to 2002....we were engaged.    I was reading through an old high school journal of mine while we were visiting my parents and in the very back, folded and tucked in the sleeve of the journal, I found this love letter from Jody.  When I read it I could hardly believe my eyes.  I came running out of my bedroom and yelled out to Jody, "You're not going to believe what I just found!!"  He was beaming from ear to ear as he read the letter.  We thought it was the neatest thing to find after all these years.

Pretty special....when we have people over to our home for a visit, they always love reading this letter when they see it framed on the mantle and hearing our story.  Of course, I love telling them all about it. 

And now here we are 10 years later....still a kicking and how grateful I am for my amazing husband and best friend.  I know that God's hand has been in our life these past 10 years---I know in my heart he brought us together for a reason (with the help of my 80 something year old grandmother, Nanny). 

I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be married to this wonderful husband of mine.  I'm grateful for his tender heart, his patient ear, his great big bear hugs when I'm feeling blue and for always making me laugh.  I'm especially grateful for his deep and abiding testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for his willingness to always put his faith and his family before the things of this world.  What a blessing this is to our marriage and our family.

I took this photo yesterday morning and texted it to my man wishing him a happy anniversary.  I asked him if he wanted to go on a hot lunch date with his wife to eat some BBQ.  ;-)

Instead of trying to find a babysitter on a week night for our anniversary date, we decided to enjoy a lunch date instead at one of our favorite bar-b-que joints in town.'s hard to beat some good 'ole Texas BBQ.

We tried to take this picture like 10 times but we kept screwing it up using Instagram.  We were cracking up at how silly we looked.  

Last night, we had fun cooking dinner together with Noah.  Afterwards we ate some chocolate covered strawberries ---actually just I ate the strawberries---the boys don't really like them, but I had to eat some in honor of our special day.... Jody bought me chocolate covered strawberries on our wedding day.  We also enjoyed our {grocery- store bough}t anniversary cake.  (Man --- I had enough calories yesterday to last me the rest of the month!!)  I decided to not slave in the kitchen trying to make a cake for my anniversary.  I wanted to enjoy this time with my boys instead.  :-)

We made this short video for my grandmother Nanny since she is the one who played matchmaker and played such a big role in getting us on that fateful first (actually second if you count the prom) date back in December of 2001 at Chili's in Longview, Texas.  Yes, that is when all the magic began. 2 months after that first date we were engaged and on May 10, 2002---a little under 6 months after our first date, we were married.  

 Nanny is in now in her late 80's and in poor health.  She's still quite the firecracker though in our family.  ;-)  We thought she'd appreciate hearing from us on our special 10 year anniversary.  

Nanny....we love you so much and will forever be grateful to you for following your heart and heeding the inspiration you felt all those years ago to help bring us back together.

It's been a beautiful 10 years of marriage and we look forward to many more years together!


P.S.  Check back here on Monday....I think you'll like the fun giveaway I'll be doing!! ;-)


  1. That is the BEST story. It's one thing to have the letter and remember it, but to have forgotten about it, gotten married, and then find it? That is aweseome.

  2. Yours is an amazing "How We Met" story.". I am so glad you two got together !

  3. You two make me happy, always have. I have such fond memories of you two, what a blessing it was, and still is, to have known you as teenagers. It seems as if it was just yesterday that Jody was blessing the sacrament and you were in my Laurel class, where has the time gone?! Many, many, more years of wedded bliss to you.


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