Monday, May 7, 2012

Road trip...Texas Hill Country {part 1}

A good 'ole road trip is always good for the family---don't ya think?  This weekend proved to be exactly that for our little family.  A friend of ours from church was getting married at the San Antonio temple on Saturday and she asked me to take pictures of her and her family after the wedding ceremony.  I was honored to be able to help her out.  And so, we packed the car up and hit the road Friday afternoon to drive north--it's a 5 hour drive for us.  Instead of staying in San Antonio, we decided to stay with Jody's sister Amy and her family in Austin.  Our original plan was to just stay in town Friday night, let Noah play with his cousins while we attended the wedding and then pick him up and head back home on Saturday afternoon...but our plans ended up morphing and changing.  Jody ended up having to meet with a client on Sunday afternoon, so he really had to twist my arm {wink--wink} to make me want to stay over another night in Austin.  ;-)  

We are hoping to make the Hill Country our home {again} someday in the near future.  Jody and I lived there for a little over two years when we were first married and we loved it.  We so regret our decision leaving the area now.  This past summer we bought some land there...just south of Austin in the sleepy little town called Wimberley.  We've always dreamed of owning land in this area and feel so blessed that we finally own such a beautiful piece of property in this town that we love so.  I've posted about this neat little town before on my blog here and here.  So as you can probably imagine, we are always looking for any excuse to head to the Hill Country and see our future homesite---we have fun walking our property....dreaming and planning of our homesite.  

Here are some photos from our road trip and time in the Hill Country this weekend {via Instagram}....I took so many pics, I figured it would be easier to just split this post.   And for the few friends who are reading this who also follow me on've probably already seen these. ;-) 

We saw lots of goats, sheep, and cows on our drive into Wimberley...

Little Man is such a good traveling companion...he loves taking road trips.
The San Antonio temple....such a beauty.

After the wedding, we picked Noah up from Jody's sister's--said our good-byes and then headed to Wimberley to see our land.  Noah loves to tromp around while we talk and plan where we want to put our house and barn someday.  

One of our views from our land....hopefully a view I'll have from my kitchen window someday.  ;-)

.... it was a great day in the Texas Hill Country--which always seems to make it all the harder for us to have to leave and go back home.   :-(

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  1. Looks pretty there on your land. Love that gravel path lined with trees.

  2. Thanks, Kathleen...we sure love it. We had that gravel road put in this summer. :-)


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