Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Road trip... {part 2}

After a good night's sleep at our hotel Saturday night, Noah and I drove Jody over to the Four Season's hotel in downtown Austin around noon on Sunday.  He had to meet with a client and another colleague of his--and while he was busy with that, we grabbed us a bite to eat and then planned on walking down to look at the water.

I have to tell you about a funny thing that happened after we dropped Jody off...well at the time it wasn't so funny, but now looking back, it cracks me up with what my dear son said.   So here's how it all played out....we had just dropped Jody off  and we were headed out of the downtown area to find something to eat.  We were both starving mind you at this point because we hadn't eaten naturally we were starting to get a little cranky at this point.  It's's really hot outside and I was driving around not really sure where I wanted to stop and eat.  Parking is a nightmare at most places downtown and then given the fact that Noah likes to run and roam--I was a bit leery of navigating a downtown restaurant by myself with him.  At one point, I rolled down the car windows {both mine and Noah's} while we were driving around {he likes it when I do this} and we were listening to Noah's favorite song, "The Good Life". As we were crossing over the bridge out of the downtown area, I decided to roll up the windows, and like I always do---I looked in my rearview mirror to make sure his little hands weren't sticking out of the window or anything--which I didn't see them, so I proceeded to roll up the windows. Well as I did, I heard this loud gasp and scream and then cry from the backseat....Noah's fingers were shut up in the window.  And of course wouldn't you know it...I'm driving in the middle of a busy road, the window lock was on and I'm fumbling frantically while driving {as he's screaming} trying to unlock and roll the window back down as fast as I could.  Full-on-drama I'm telling you. Well, I got the window down and he pulled his little fingers out...but as you can imagine, he was really hurting and I felt just awful about it.  I mean horrible...awful...sick.  

I found a Whataburger parking lot to pull over so I could climb in the backseat with him and assess how bad it was... at this point he was crying pretty bad and he was madder than a hornet.  As best as I could tell {he wouldn't let me touch his fingers} they looked okay.  Nothing looked broken or bruised...thank goodness! I'm sure it hurt like the dickens, so I didn't blame him for being mad at me.  I really just felt like crying with him.  I wanted to hug him.  I kept telling him how sorry Mommy was and that I loved him.  Of course being the big boy that he is now, he wouldn't' let me hug him.  :-(

But here is the funny part of this little dramatic story of because of all the drama, I decided we better just eat our lunch at Whataburger {even though fast food was the last thing I wanted} so we're sitting in the drive-thru line and I'm trying to place my order.  All of a sudden, Noah starts wailing really loud for all to hear from the backseat, "Mommy smashed my fingers and now I have to go live with Jesus!"  I just thought to myself....oh boy--this is really embarrassing.  I just tried to ignore it and continued to talk over him and finish our order through the drive-thru and then we waited in line.

He went on and on about having to go live with Jesus as we waited ....I tried to explain to him as lovingly as I could that his fingers were okay and that in no way would this make him have to go live with Jesus any time soon.  He continued to cry those big alligator tears {and yell at me}.  When we pulled up to the window to collect our order and pay...he yelled it out again about having to go live with Jesus....I prayed that the poor girl working the drive-thru window didn't hear all the drama from our car--I don't think she did.  She just smiled and gave me our order.  But the interesting thing was when we pulled off--I handed him his burger {he snatched it from my hands} and I'm telling you as soon as that little fella had his burger, fries and his root beer in his hand....the crying stopped and a smile reappeared on his face.  

It seems that a little food in his tummy made all his worries about having to go live with Jesus just disappear. Whew-wee...thank goodness for Whataburger.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *

After we finished eating, we headed over to the walking trail that runs along the portion of the Colorado River in downtown Austin.  We had so much fun walking down this and taking all sorts of fun pictures.  Being in Austin just makes you want to be outdoors more, that's for sure....

It was the cutest thing...this little squirrel kept coming right up to Noah and would literally touch his finger.  I've never seen anything like it.  Most squirrels are so squeemish...but not this little fella.  Noah gave him some french fries and he was in heaven.

After we finished our hour long nature walk (we were both sweating up a storm by the end) we headed back to the hotel to pick up Jody.  We then drove back over to Wimberley one last time before hitting the road to head back home.

We looked at this gorgeous model home while we were there--we fell in love with the dreamy porch....and outside living area.  Definitely something we are wanting to include in the home we build on our land. 

While we were there, Noah found all sorts of insects, flowers and birds for me to take pictures of...this little critter below was really fascinating to look at and watch.

After looking around some more in Wimberley, sadly, it was getting late and it was time to get on the road and head back home.  We had a long 5 hour drive ahead of us.

We drove for about 2 hours and then stopped to grab us a bite to eat...

We then filled the car up with gas and re-stocked up on snacks, sweets and drinks, etc....all required goods for such a long drive. And we hit the road again headed home to the Southern tip of Texas....little man passed out not too long after eating this entire bag of Funyuns. ;-)

A fun road trip to and fro Austin for the entire family...we look forward to doing it again {hopefully sooner than later}.  And let's hope next time without anyone getting their fingers smashed in the car window and having to possibly go live with Jesus sooner than later. ;-)

And speaking of fun road trips...have you seen this?



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