Thursday, May 17, 2012

On turning 40...

Yesterday I celebrated a landmark birthday....the big "40"....yikes!  That sounds really weird every time I say that out loud {or type it out}.  But in all honesty, it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be.  I was talking with my brother last night on the phone and he asked me, "Well does it feel to be over the hill now?"  I responded, "Ya know....I don't feel any different."  And that's the honest truth.  ;-)

The only thing that stings a tad bit in my heart about turning 40 is I had to say good-bye to my 30's --an era of my life that I had hoped I would have the opportunity to bear children.  In the back of my mind, I still had a little ounce of hope that I might get pregnant while in my 30's, so naturally, when I woke up yesterday, that was the only sad thought I experienced.  But oh just wasn't in the cards for Jody and me.  But that's okay... I know in my heart that God knows what is best and I just have to trust in that.  And also, it didn't hurt that we received some really exciting and special news a few days ago about our second adoption that has us both jumping for joy.  I'll share more about that later.... 40th birthday was a peaceful, relaxing day.  No surprises--no fanfare....just the way I like it. I received so many sweet phone calls, texts, cards and emails from my family and friends--they all were so sweet and meant the world to me.  I felt so very loved.

My mom called like she always does each year right around 11:58 am (the exact time that I made my grand entrance into this world 40 years ago ---ha...ha...).  She always likes to give me a hard time about it because I was 15 days late--the joke in our family was I was late because I was too busy making sure my hair and makeup was just right before I came out of the womb.  ;-) Mom and I had fun reminiscing about all the fun (and drama) we've had these past 40 years.

I received these gorgeous birthday flowers from my parents.... 

The hubby took me to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch, KoKo's.  I always love our lunch dates.

And my dear, sweet hubby gave me the "rock-star" camera I have been literally dreaming about forever for my 40th b-day gift....woo-hoo!--let's just say momma was doing the happy dance all day long after getting this gift....I'm SUPER excited to start learning how to use this baby...

I didn't get a picture of him, but we also got a surprise visit from my Uncle Bill who was in mom's brother...we so enjoyed getting to visit with him yesterday and he gave me a big birthday hug.  And well, teased me a little about turning 40.  :-)
We picked up little from school and  I enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with the two men I love most in this world on my birthday...

And these precious items were my "hand-picked" birthday gifts from Noah.

I have to tell you this after we picked Noah up from school, Jody and he sang Happy Birthday to me in the car.  We headed over to Target and Jody took Noah inside so he could pick out Mommy a birthday present.  I waited in the car while these two had fun shopping in my favorite store.  ;-)

They were in the store for a while---I was wondering what adventures they were having in there.  Finally they came out and let me just say, there were all smiles when they came out.  I could tell by the look on Jody's face that it must have been an interesting shopping trip.

On the drive home, Noah kept saying, "Mommy...I bet you can't guess what we got you."  "Guess Mommy....Guess what we got you..."  He is about as impatient as his momma--it's the funniest thing---he was wanting to tell me so badly what he had bought me for my birthday.  Jody and I were cracking up as he kept having me guess what all was in the Target bag.

When we pulled into the driveway, they had me go on in the house and then they came in shortly after.  Noah then asked me to close my eyes and one by one he presented me with each of the gifts that he had picked out for "his momma" for her birthday.

And let me just say....I can't think of anything better for my 40th birthday!   My heart was so full as I accepted each of his special little gifts.  They were so precious.  Noah loves giving presents...he had the biggest grin across his face as I excitedly opened and accepted his tender gifts.  Jody was standing over in the corner of the room smiling.  At one point, when I looked over at my hubby, I thought to myself I truly am blessed this 40th birthday to have this wonderful man in my life and my beautiful son.  How thankful I am to be where I am in my life...married to my husband and best friend and the mother to this beautiful child of mine.

My heart felt like it was going to burst.

And so as I now reflect on turning 40....I think I can say without much hesitation that finally reaching this much talked about (and often dreaded) "over the hill" stage of life -- it's actually not that bad.  In fact, I think it's really a beautiful thing.  When you stand back and assess your life and take stock of all your blessings--- if you can say that you have your health...your loved ones by your side...your faith...and peace in your the end, you quickly realize---all this hype about turning 40---it's just a number.  




  1. I am a new follower of yours (came over from Sarah's). Happy Birthday to you! I can tell you 40 is just a number (I will celebrate 44 in July). What sweet gifts your son picked out for you. Those are the best kind. Hope you had a blessed day!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!! I wish you a blessed year ahead.
    PS. love the new header.

  3. Counting down the months to my own 40th birthday! I'm not worried about it either; life is SO much better at 40 than it was at 30... for me, at least. :)

  4. happy birthday you beautiful person you!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the barbie doll was adorable. what a sweetie. i loved your outlook on 40 and soo excited to hear the upcoming news about #2! soo happy for you. hugs from utah. :) ♥

  5. Jenn,

    Really? I mean Really? 4-0??? I still see you and the rest of 'my girls' as sweet, beautiful teens. I must accept that y'all are now sweet, beautiful women. You are so right, 40 is just a number, as is 50. Now 60, well, I'm now quite sure about that one :). Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for sharing such personal memories.

  6. Happy Birthday my Sweet Friend! I love you!

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and I'll be back :) Beautifully written, I enjoyed reading and happy belated 40th!
    Happy greetings from Florida!

  8. No way can you be 40! You are just as gorgeous as ever and don't even look close to that. Happy birthday, Jennifer! I've missed blogging! I really need to get back into the swing of it. It's always fun to catch up on what's happening with you. Hugs to you and your family!

  9. I'm celebrating 40 today! Your blog was just what I needed to hear as I reflect. Thank you for talking about it so that I could be encouraged today. Happy belated!


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