Saturday, May 19, 2012

Never too late--A special college graduation.

Separated by only three weeks in age, Jody and his cousin Chad, grew up together in our hometown in East Texas.  Because they share the same last name, they often sat next to each other in school (remember the old alphabetical order).   Not only were they first cousins, Jody and Chad became very close friends throughout their childhood. 

Only a couple of years out of high school, Chad got derailed from completing his college education.  He has looked forward to getting an opportunity to complete his education for some time.  Jody has always encouraged him that it's never too late to get more education.  

In 2010, Chad and his family made the difficult decision for him to go to school full-time.  Supported by his loving wife and children, Chad has worked part-time and gone to school full-time.  On May 12, our dear friend walked across the stage and received his Bachelors degree in Business Administration.  It is now an exciting time for Chad and his family as he is entertaining multiple job offers in different parts of Texas.  Who knows what the future holds, but I feel confident it's going to be bright!

Chad's wife, Wendy and daughter, Rhianna...

Wendy, Rhianna, and Jackson

While we were taking all the family pictures, Noah had fun playing in the water at the convention center where the graduation ceremonies took place.

Jody and Chad....they were all smiles after the big ceremony!

Chad's mom, Joyce, his dad, Maurice and siblings Mark and Vicki all made the trip down for the graduation--it was really nice getting to visit with his family.  

His family...poor Jackson was worn out with all the picture taking.  :-)

After the graduation ceremonies, we all headed over to Longhorn Steakhouse for a celebratory dinner in Chad's honor with his family.  Noah and Jackson as you can see above, enjoyed playing games on the iPhones throughout most of the graduation and our dinner...that's how we kept these two busy so we could all enjoy our visit together.  :-)

It was a very special college graduation and we're so happy for Chad and his family!



  1. Congrats to Chad! I never finished either, always thought I'd go back, but motherhood interrupted that plan (and I am OK with that!!). He is setting a wonderful example for his children. I too truly believe it is never too late to do anything you put your mind to, or truly want to achieve. It's funny, Chad's mother could be a twin to my next door neighbor! I had to do a double take.

  2. This is so inspiring! I've had this itch to go back to school lately but keep telling myself I'm too old. :) This makes me happy to see grown-ups making their dreams happen!

  3. Please tell Chad how proud I am of him. Great news! I have many childhood memories of him growing up next door to his family. Thanks for sharing.


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