Monday, May 21, 2012

Randomness {via Instagram}...

Little man has 8 days of school left--he's counting down the days to summer and he's pretty excited...can't you tell?

Last week, he told me school was stressing him out (I had to chuckle to myself on that one) so I
 let him have a day off from school and stay home with mom.  We had a great time hanging out in the backyard in our swimsuits playing in the sprinklers.  We played with his trucks, cars and airplanes--and enjoyed our picnic in his playhouse.  We also watered all the plants in the backyard---multiple times.  ;-)

It was a fun day made me all the more excited about the upcoming summer months and getting to spend some quality time with Noah and Jody.

I'm looking forward to our June and July when we can sleep in a little later and lounge in our PJs...

I started reading this book over the weekend.  I've heard so much hype about it.  Not sure if it will be worth my time--hopefully so.  The hubby said to me last night as we were reading our respective books in bed..."don't ya think that book kind of disrespects Abe Lincoln? "  I kind of chuckled.  He loves politics and history--so I wasn't surprised by his comment.  He's probably right...but so far, I'm a few chapters in and it has kept my attention thus far, so I think I'll carry on and keep reading it. :-)  

We had that garage sale I was telling you about over the weekend....overall, it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be.  Other than a few annoying {and rather aggressive shoppers} who were relentless about getting their way with their prices--I survived.

And surprisingly, the sale yielded some pretty decent cash from our old stuff...almost $500.  I'd say that was an okay effort for our little last minute garage sale.  We started at 7am and closed the doors at 10am...that's how we roll. :-)

Thankfully, little man slept through the entire garage sale...I was praying I wouldn't have to chase him around the front yard while all that was going on.   When he woke up, he asked me, "Did you sell any of my toys, Mommy!!??"  We decided to hold off on putting his old toys out until he's a little older and can help us choose the ones he's like to sell.   The day before our garage sale when I told him I was going to sort through his old toys to pick out those we could sell in the garage sell, he got so upset with me.  I mean REALLY upset.  He barricaded himself in his room for 20 minutes and wouldn't let me in.  I was cracking up.  He meant business about  mommy taking his old toys out for the garage sale.  Classic. :-)


On Saturday night, the hubby and I had a date night.

I always look forward to our date nights's our time to relax and reconnect.  We try to make it a priority each week to go out on either a Friday or Saturday night if we can.

We ate dinner at Khan's Grill...

I know...I know...not the healthiest meal---but man, it sure tasted good.   I opted to not eat the bread to save on a few calories.  :-(

After dinner, we headed to the movies and saw this flick...we really enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend it if you like a good romance.  The only part we didn't enjoy were the loud {and rather obnoxious} teenagers that sat behind us and kept kicking my!  The school teacher in me had to fight the urge to do something about it. 

And then here's our sweet Lola...this is where you found her most of the weekend---curled up at the end of our bed sound asleep--doing her nap-thing.  


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  1. Garage sales can be so much work, but in the end the clutter being gone and the extra cash are so worth it! Looks like you had a very productive weekend.


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