Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday in the country...

On Easter Sunday, we went to church together as a family at my parent's home ward--the same ward that Jody and I grew up in.  Jody's parents were there as well, so it was really nice to have so many of our loved ones there. We were all a little bummed that my youngest brother Jeff and his family couldn't be there (you may remember me sharing in a previous post that his son Marcus fell off the slide at my parent's house  while we were there so Jeff and Jill had to leave early to head home to get him in with their doctor--we learned yesterday that the poor guy actually broke his collar bone from that fall).  

After our church service, we headed back to my parent's home and before changing out of our church clothes, my sister-in-law snapped some individual family photos for us.  

Afterwards, we all changed and then KiKi and Poppy had an Easter egg hunt and some little gifts for the grandkids and adults.  We had a lot of fun outdoors with the kids--thankfully, the weather was beautiful and not too hot.

We truly enjoyed this year's Easter weekend in the country with our family.  I'm especially grateful that Noah was able to have such a great time this Easter with all of his cousins.  Poor guy usually has to hunt for eggs all by himself on Easter morning since he's an only child, so this was nice this year to hear him giggling and laughing while hunting for Easter eggs with all of his cousins.  They love each other so much and seem to sincerely enjoy being with each other.  

Later that evening, we had to say our dreaded good-byes which is always so hard.   I had the usual lump in my throat and was fighting back tears as I hugged my mom and dad.  As we pulled out of my parent's driveway, Noah said to us from the backseat, "Where are all my cousins mommy? "  It was so sad to have to tell him that we had to go back home and he'd have to wait until our next visit before seeing his cousins again.

And so we began the long 10-hour drive back home that evening with heavy's always  bittersweet--on one hand we're ready to get back to our life and be in the comfort of our own home and sleep in our own bed.  And yet on the other hand--it's so difficult as we are in the midst of the long drive home---the many miles that lay between us and our families becomes very real and apparent.  The sad reminder that we live so far away from so many of our loved ones---my parents, Jody's parents---Noah's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  But such is life---you got to live where you can earn a living.  And as the saying goes....absence makes the heart grow fonder---how true this is.  Our time away from our loved ones truly makes us look forward to and cherish our next visit even moreso.  In fact, Noah and I have already begun our own little countdown on the calendar until our next visit this summer.

For now....we will succor our homesick little hearts by enjoying all our bazillion pictures from this Easter weekend while nestled in the comfort of the country and small town where we grew up.



  1. Enjoyed your post as always Jennifer. All the pictures are lovely as is the family. How it has grown! Family is what it is all about! Take care and have a great rest of the spring!


  2. I completely understand. Such was my lot with Lauren as she was growing up and such is my lot now with her and Rocket Man living so far away. As you stated, the absence of each other makes getting together that much sweeter.

  3. Great pictures. I'm glad you had a nice time. Your poor nephew though. I hope he has a quick recovery.


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