Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Easter Eve...

As the glowing sun slowly set on our day of outdoor family festivities, the weather felt heavenly. We continued to linger outside as long as we could.  My mom headed on into the house to put the eggs on the stovetop to allow them to boil. It was nearing the time for our annual decorating of the Easter eggs.  I was so looking forward to Noah being able to color Easter eggs this year with his cousins.  It had been several years since we had been home for him to participate in the annual Easter egg decorating with his cousins. 

While mom took care of the preparations indoors and watched over the eggs in the kitchen, the rest of us visited outside a while longer.  Since I now live so far away from all my extended family, I have gained a greater appreciation for moments like these.  I've learned to not take them for granted.  I value the precious moments I get to spend with my brothers, their families and with my parents when we come in town to visit.  It warmed my heart to hear the kids running, laughing and giggling together.  


The kids were focusing most of their energy this particular evening on a turtle that Katherine and I had found for them earlier that day on the side of the road.  And let's just say that Mr. Turtle had quickly become the hit of our family gathering.

The men-folk pulled out the golf clubs and hit a few balls into the pasture.  They always like to compete and see who can drive the ball the furthest.  ;-)
 The kids enjoyed several rides all around the pasture on Pop's poor old golf cart with Uncle Brent.  They laughed and giggled a million times over while riding around together.  

And then it was finally time to corral the kiddos and head indoors to begin decorating the Easter eggs....

How thankful I am for special times like this with all of my loved ones gathered together in my childhood home. I am truly grateful for my dear hubby who suggested that we make this trip with him when he had to be in the area for work.  What a blessing he is to me and Noah and so thoughtful to allow us to come so far for such a short weekend.  I am grateful to my dear parents who always put their heart and soul into making special family get togethers like this so memorable for their children and grandchildren.  Traditions and memories that we will always cherish.  The endless joking, laughing, reminiscing of days long ago....a humble reminder for me as always of what is most important in this life.  Our love for one another, the eternal bonds of family, our uniting faith and our deep love for the Savior as we celebrated this Easter season.

And speaking of faith and family...

I just finished reading NieNie's memoir--it arrived on my doorstep two days ago.  As soon as I opened it and started reading, I literally had to force myself to put it down-- it's one of those books that you just want to put life on hold so you can finish reading it.  I'd throw a load of laundry in the washing machine and run back to the book and read some more.  I'd fix Noah a snack after school and then put my nose back into her book again.  Waiting for Noah to walk out of school in the car pool line--you would find me fully engaged in this book. And last night, after Jody fell asleep, I read until my eyes could no longer stay open and then when he walked out the door at 5:30 this morning for work, I turned on my lamp by the bedside and read through to the very last page.  Just in time to get Noah up and ready for school.

Let me just say....I have never read a more heart-warming, gut-wrenching, faith-filled book in my life.  It is truly amazing and immensely humbling what Stephanie has had to overcome in her life.   I thought I knew most of Stephanie's story since I have followed her blog for years, but I quickly realized as I was just a few chapters into her memoir that I didn't know the half of it.  I have been edified and uplifted in so many ways after reading her book---I can't imagine what courage it must have taken to put into writing what she endured.  And yet I am inspired by her faith and the deep love that she has for her family, her Heavenly Father and the Savior.   Her words I feel have the ability to inspire anyone to want to be a better person and to never take for granted the simplest of blessings in this life.

If you haven't already, I would recommend you get a copy of this book today.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Stephanie's book is definitely a must-read! I couldn't put it down, either. :)

    What a lovely Easter weekend you had! Love all the pics.


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