Saturday, April 28, 2012

KiKi is in town...

...and we're having a good 'ole time enjoying her visit.  I so love when my mom gets to come down for a visit.  It makes my heart happy to be able to spend time with her.  And let me just say, Noah is super excited to have her staying at his house. With this weekend being the big fundraiser event I've mentioned on here these past few weeks that I'm co-chairing, mother knew I'd have my hands full trying to work on the preparations for that, so she kindly offered to come down and help me with Noah since Jody is so busy with work.  I am so, so grateful that she is here!  It puts my mind at ease having my mom nearby.  After I picked her up at the airport Thursday afternoon, we headed over to Noah's school.  When he saw her walk in his classroom, his eyes just lit up and he got the sweetest, biggest grin on his face.  He came running over to hug her.   It's always special as a kid when your grandparents come to see you and stay at your house...I still remember those warm, happy feelings of the love I felt from my own grandparents when I was little and they would come and stay for a visit at our house.  ;-)  

Good times...


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  1. I can't wait for that experience with my grandchildren. What a special time for all of you! Love, love, love your blog!


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