Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend with Family...{Part two}.

On Saturday, we were able to be there to help my handsome nephew, Beck, celebrate his 4th birthday.  Noah was super excited to get to go to his cousin's birthday party!  They are tight these two so anytime they get to hang out---they are in heaven.  Beck loves Transformers, so naturally, this was the theme for his party this year.  Our family had so much fun together helping Beck celebrate his special day.  The kids had fun playing on Uncle Brent's bouncer/blow-up house, hitting the piñata and playing on the swing set/playhouse at KiKi and Poppy's house.    Uncle Brian hooked us up with some great tunes to listen to during the party, so we had a good 'ole time hanging out.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor party.

The proud parents with their big 4 year old....

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the weekend.  Seeing Nanny smile so tenderly while holding Baby Otto.  We were happy that she felt up to coming out to my parent's house for the day and enjoy the party with everyone.  She so enjoys getting so sit back and watch everyone have fun together.

Beck's cool birthday bike from his mommy and daddy---he will be riding around the neighborhood in style!

Nanny and I enjoying our visit....she always has so many interesting stories from her life to share.  

My parent's dog, Boxer had fun hanging out with us for the party---he is so good with all the kids. 

Oh my how Aunt GiGi loves Baby Otto...  I get to babysit him this summer while his parents go on their anniversary trip and I am soooo looking forward to it.  ;-)
Uncle Jeff having some fun with the kiddos--he's about 6'6" and always loves to raise them high in the air and hear them squeal....

The kids waited patiently for their turn to hit the piñata....
Marcus was anxious to get his turn at it....

The kids had a blast swinging away at the piñata....

Jill and Katherine having fun on the swing set....

Sheri planned a great party for the birthday boy....

As always, Brent is testing the cake icing out for the rest of us...we Bishop's like our sweet cake icing.  Forget the cake....just give me the icing baby!

A special thank you to Katherine (our resident professional photographer in the family) for taking all the wonderful pictures during our weekend together. 

The only bummer moment of the party was at the tail end of the festivities, Jeff and Jill's son, Marcus...he fell off the slide and landed on his arm.  We all could tell pretty quickly after he fell that something was not quite right and that he was in a lot of pain.  When your child doesn't stop crying pretty quickly after their hurt---that's always a tell-tail sign that it's something more serious.  Jeff and my dad gave him a priesthood blessing and let him rest in the house for a little bit.  After he continued to cry though, they decided to take him on to the emergency room to get it checked out.  The doctors xrayed it and put him in a splint--but couldn't say for sure if it was broken or not.   They are going to have to X-ray it again in a week to see whether or not if it is broken.  Poor thing...Jeff and Jill decided it would probably be best if they head back home that night since their little guy wasn't feeling well.  We were all sad to see them have to leave early but completely understood.  It's always so scary when your child gets hurt and you want so badly as the parent to make it better for them.   You also want to be close to home and your doctors.  Marcus is a tough little dude though--let me just say.  He's one of the younger cousins in our family but he has no problem keeping right in step with the older cousins.  We sure love him and hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Later that evening after Jeff and his family took off back to Dallas, KiKi let Noah and his cousins color easter eggs--and they had a blast....I'll share those pics in my next post along with our Sunday Easter egg hunt and family pictures.  

I so enjoyed our Saturday with my family celebrating Beck's birthday and decorating Easter eggs.  What a blessing it was for us to be able to come together as a family during this Easter season.  How thankful I am for our time together and for the love that is felt when we gather together.



  1. Hi friend! oh, i love all your pictures. you are soo good at documenting everything. your little guy will love this someday!! you have such a fun family.

  2. Thanks, Rachelle...I sure hope Noah loves to read through all these blog books when he gets older and maybe even share them with his own children someday. :-) So great to hear from you! .


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