Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out and about in Santa Fe...

Our first morning in Santa Fe, we were so exhausted from the travel the day before, we didn't even worry about setting the alarm and actually slept felt great not having to worry about getting up early.  That's the beauty of Spring Break, right??  The room was kind of warm when we arrived earlier that night, so we left our window open in our hotel room a good portion of the night, and it felt so wonderful that morning when we woke to feel the cool breeze blow into our room.  I could hear the other tourists slowly begin to rise and fill the streets.  The smell of coffee and hot chocolate was brewing down below our room and you could smell warm breakfast in the lobby of our hotel.  Everyone seemed to be heading toward the downtown area.  The sights and sounds of our morning were more than enough to motivate us to get up and get going.

Around 9 am, we climbed out of bed, threw on our comfortable clothes with tennis shoes (to my husband's shock and awe---I didn't even worry about throwing on my make-up)-- but of course, I did make sure to have my good camera in tow-- and we headed downstairs first to our hotel's restaurant for a late breakfast before setting out to the downtown area for some sight seeing and shopping. 

Both Jody and I were pretty hungry, so we ordered up our own snazzy breakfast dishes and read the morning paper while we waited for its arrival.  I enjoyed taking a few pictures while we were waiting...

Our breakfast really ROCKED....yummy!!

And with full tummies, we were off to see what this beautiful city had to offer...again since we were staying only one block from downtown, we didn't have to worry about driving most of this trip.  Which was really nice because parking is as you can imagine a nightmare around the downtown area.  We walked everywhere most of the time during our trip.  Our little rental car stayed put in the parking lot most of the time.  ;-)

So here my friends are some photos from our first day of being out and about in the city of Santa Fe...we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather while there.  

Loved, loved, loved this shop....downstairs is the clothing and upstairs is the furniture store----we fell head over heals in love with all of those faux-fur throws you see over the rails in the picture above.  I have ordered one for our master bedroom.  We came back to this little shop on several occasions trying to decide which one to choose for our bed.  Surprisingly, they are all machine washable---comes in handy when you have a little one at home who all too often gets smudges and spill things on mommy and daddy's bed.

Every once in a while, we would find a bench to sit and take a break from all the walking.   It was fun to people watch.  I LOVE to people watch.  Jody was definitely feeling the effects of the altitude, too, while we were there.  He didn't feel well the first day or so---had a headache in the mornings when he woke up, which he normally doesn't have, so I think it was due to the elevation.   Everyone kept telling us at the hotel that we needed to stay fact, the hotel staff would pass out bottle water to its guest each time you come in or out of the lobby.  We seemed to have bottled water in our hands the entire trip.

After walking all day around downtown, we were craving a burger for dinner, so we looked online for the top burger joints and this one was listed as we tried it for was okay---we've definitely had better (i.e. 5 Guys), but we were famished from all the walking we did during the day, so neither one of us really complained.  ;-)  Something we did learn on this trip is that in Santa Fe (and probably most of New Mexico) --- they pride themselves in putting green chile on the burgers--and well, on most everything.  The green chili definitely gives the burger a different taste with some heat.

It's always fun to try something new and different when you're traveling. 

Our first day in Santa Fe was really relaxing and so much fun....there is an incredible amount of "eye candy" in the downtown area---its almost overwhelming how many shops, galleries, museums and stores there are to see.  After looking over the downtown map, we quickly realized that we had barely even scratched the surface on our first day of getting around to everything, but we were so pooped out after walking all day, that after dinner, we decided to head back to the hotel to put our feet up.  We spent the rest of the evening mapping out the next day's events on our map, talking with our family on the phone and enjoyed watching a movie on the t.v.



  1. Santa Fe is fun, I used to live about 1 hr away in Taos NM when I was younger- hope you guys had a nice break

  2. Looks like such a fun getaway! We're due for a little escape in the next few weeks and we're heading to D.C.! Can't wait!! Love your fun blog!


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