Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A getaway...

We spent most of the day yesterday in airports and on airplanes getting to our getaway destination for this week...Santa Fe, New Mexico.  While Noah is spending the week with his grandparents, we are getting some hubby and wife time in this beautiful city.  This is our first time to visit Sante Fe, so we are super excited.

 We flew Southwest Airlines into Austin, then El Paso and then lastly our final destination, Albuquerque late yesterday evening.  From there it would be an hour drive for us to get to Santa Fe.  

For the flight, I was stuck slap-dab in the middle between Jody and another man the entire trip and so I felt really cramped.  Plus my ADD was really starting to kick in about halfway through the flight.  Argh!! I struggled trying to sit still.  Jody was cracking up at how much wiggling I was doing at one point.  I'm sure the older dude next to me thought I was a little cooky.  I just kept looking over at him and giving him a smile every once in a while, hoping that would ease any frustration he might have with my restlessness.  

I listened to some tunes on my iPhone most of the trip and read this book while Jody read this book.

After we landed, we picked up our rental car and hit the road.  Since we were both starving (and I mean, literally, I think I could have eaten my own arm off), we decided to first stop at a main tourist site in Alberqurque, Sandia Peak, and take in the view and eat some good grub.  

I have some better pictures that I took with my nice camera, but here are just a few that we snapped with my iPhone.  I'll blog about this experience later...the view was absolutely breathtaking.

Since this trip is meant to be time for just the hubby and me...with as little as possible distraction from "the real world" blog posting this week will be sporadic at best.  I think I may have some scheduled posts ready to share with you, but other than that, I'm planning on putting blogging on the back burner for a few days so we can enjoy our time here together.  :-)   

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to sharing our pictures and stories with you from our time here in Santa Fe.  



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  1. Jennifer, I hope you have a wonderful time!! Prayers to you for safe travels. ~Kathleen


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