Friday, March 2, 2012

A Cowboy, Texas Independence Day and a Birthday...

Today, March 2nd, in the great state of Texas.... we celebrate our Independence Day.   Just a little state trivia for ya (in case you don't already know this about our lovely state)...this is the day that Texas officially declared its independence from Mexico--way back in the year 1836-- by drafting and signing the Texas Declaration of Independence.  They fought a series of difficult battles--one of the most famous you've probably heard about, The Alamo.  So down in these parts, today is a pretty special day for us proud Texans.     

Today is also special for us because we are celebrating the hubby's birthday.  Yee-haw!!  I love my man dearly and feel so blessed to be married to him.  I hope Noah always knows and appreciates how blessed he is to have such a loving and caring Daddy in his life.  

And oh my goodness, speaking of birthdays let me tell ya....Jody has always loved the fact that his birthday falls on such a special historical date for our state. He's a proud Texan, so this naturally just warms his heart!  In addition to this, he also prides himself on the fact that he shares a birthday with one quite famous Virginia/Texan (and one his favorite politicians) Sam Houston.  Houston, as many of you know, was an intense and brazen politician and state leader. Since he was young, Jody has always been passionate about politics, history and the law--hence why he entered the legal field to begin with, so I don't think its by any coincidence that his birthday falls in line on this day. 

So couple the birthday and Independence Day fun we've got going on today along with the fact that at Noah's school, in honor of Independence Day, the kids were asked to all dress up in their western wear-- with all of this going on---we've had a pretty exciting morning today.  

It all started around 6:30 am....We woke up early to do a little birthday celebrating.  

Jody usually leaves the house around 5:45 am to head to gym, so while he was gone, Noah and I made him a little card and wrapped his birthday present.  Lil man had so much's usually such a chore for me to get him out of bed, but the minute I reminded him it was Daddy's birthday and he was going to help me wrap his present, he just busted out of the bed.  He loves making cards for his mommy and daddy and giving us presents.

When Daddy walked in the door upon returning from the gym, Noah came busting through our bedroom door with excitement to let me know he was home and then he made a B-line to my closet (he's wised up and figured out where momma stashes presents--looks like I'm gonna have to find a new hiding place!).  He pulled out the gift and card that I had hid and headed into the kitchen -- I quickly followed behind just smiling and shaking my head.  We surprised Daddy in the kitchen by walking in and singing "Happy Birthday to You...".  He liked his new watch we gave him, but I think he loved the little handwritten card more.

After we gave Jody his birthday card and present, it was getting close to time for us to leave to head to school, so he helped me get Noah all dressed up in his western (a/k/a "cowboy") gear.  

The chaps are a bit of a chore to get on, so I definitely needed Daddy's help.  My sister-in-law Teresa, (Aunt T) gave Noah these chaps and he was super stoked to finally be able to wear them to school.  Last night, the three of us headed on over to Boot Jack (our local western wear store) and bought little man a new cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a belt.  He couldn't wait to put on the boots, hat and belt once we had the chaps on.

We were in such a rush, I snapped a few pics inside and then we ran outside and he posed for a few for me before we piled in the car to rush off to school before the 7:50 bell.    

I know...I know--- I sound like a proud (and bragging) momma...but hey, he's my only one---he's my pride and joy, what can I say?

Precious memories with our little cowboy that Jody and I will forever cherish....gosh, I was thinking as I was sorting though and uploading these pics how I sometimes just wish Heavenly Father would let parents bottle our kids up at this tender age and keep them for a bit longer.  They just grow up too darn fast.  But I really do think (as much as I loved the newborn baby stage), if I had my choice, I would want to bottle him up and keep him at this age as long as I could. I know I still have a few more stages to look forward to as a parent, so this is a bit premature.... but man, I really love this age!!

What about you, what has been your favorite age (or stage) with your kids?

P.S.  Here are a few pics that Noah's teacher emailed us of their Western day celebrations:


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  1. That's such a precious card!
    And I completely agree with you about keeping kids at a certain age. My son is the same age as Noah, and it is such a wonderful age! Old enough to be able to do so many fun things, but young enough to still be cuddly and sweet little boys!
    Happy Texas Independence Day!


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