Friday, February 24, 2012

Songs for Me and a Giveaway!

{Noah's personalized music CD from Songs for Me}

I'm excited to tell you all about a wonderful product today I think every parent should know about. But let me first tell you how I first became familiar with it on a much more personal level....

A dear friend of mine, Traci....she and I have known each other practically our entire lives.  We grew up together in the same hometown and have kept in touch off and on over the years since graduating from high school. We've watched from the sidelines as each other's lives have changed over the years as we both graduated from college, began our careers, married, were blessed with children and now we both find ourselves nestled into this wonderful role we call motherhood.  It's been a blessed and interesting journey indeed for both of us.

Over the years, our parents have continued to stay the best of friends.  They all continue to live in our hometown where we grew up. Ever so often, when we are in town visiting our families, I get to see Traci.  This past Christmas, my husband and I stopped in at Traci's parent's home to squeeze in a quick visit with her and her family.  It was so nice to to catch up with her and get to see her interact with her three beautiful children.  During our visit, Traci pulled Jody and I aside and said she had a special little gift for Noah.   It was a personalized music CD that had his name playing throughout.  She played it on her mother's CD player and we were so touched by this sweet gift.   I knew our son would love it.  And he absolutely does.  He enjoys listening to his CD every morning and evening.  He sings the songs in the car while we're driving down the road and I even hear him humming the tunes when he's in the bath tub.

And not only speaking here from a parent's perspective, but also as a former elementary teacher and school principal, I have seen first hand how benefical music can be for a child's brain development in their younger years.  Research has proven that listening to and studying music at an early age can drastically improve a child's memory, literacy skills, mathematics and overall intelligence.

Since receiving our own Songs for Me personalized CD and seeing first hand how much our son has benefited from the stimulating music, Traci and I have been in discussions about her new website and the wonderful products you can find there.   I asked her to share her heartwarming story with you and why she decided to become a distributor and launch her new website.  It's an inspiring story and one that I think every parent should hear....

Hello!  My name is Traci and I have three beautiful children. My oldest, a 4 year old girl, was diagnosed a couple of years ago with Dyspraxia and Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Dyspraxia is a neurological disorder that affects motor skill development. The way I describe it to people is that her brain does not correctly translate the input signals it receives—it’s all jumbled up— so simple tasks like walking, jumping, climbing stairs, catching a ball, or handling a fork and knife are extremely challenging. For those on the severe end of the spectrum (like my daughter), more complex motor skills like talking are affected, which is called Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Both Dyspraxia and CAS are life-long disorders. But with intense physical and speech therapy, there is hope that she will lead a normal, productive life.

When my daughter was one (before we had a diagnosis or had begun therapy), she was clearly showing signs of her disorder and rarely displayed emotional reactions. In fact, her pediatrician suspected Autism. When her grandmother gave her the Music for Me CD for Christmas, we could not believe how her face lit up when she heard her name in the song! Since then we have purchased several of the personalized music CDs for her and our boys. These CDs continue to be her most favorite pastime, before books, toys, and even cartoons! She listens to her CDs every day, at home and in the car, smiling and dancing. There is nothing else that solicits this type of reaction from her, or from the boys! This is why I decided to become a distributor for these products—to bring this type of happiness to other children. It is truly amazing to see how these kids light up when they hear their name in the songs!

Of course being one of ‘those’ moms, I often scour the Internet to find out more about these disorders. There is very little information available and very few resources. In fact, one of her ‘specialists’ (she has seen many) proclaimed to me that Dyspraxia is a ‘symptom’, not a ‘diagnosis’. I then asked, What is the cause? No answer. Other countries, such as the UK, are far ahead of the US in their diagnosis and available treatments for children with Dyspraxia.

Not long ago I discovered The Dyspraxia Foundation USA. This foundation is committed to being the source for the latest information and research and is dedicated to building awareness and acceptance.

Songs for Me donates a portion of their proceeds to The Dyspraxia Foundation USA. Like every other family out there with children affected by a life-long condition, we are tirelessly dedicated to supporting research that may help or cure our children. They are our life, our love, and our future.


I'm excited to share that Traci and I are teaming up to do a fun giveaway.  Here's the skinny on all the details on how you can enter to win:

"5" lucky readers will be randomly selected (by to win a personalized musical CD of their choice from Songs for Me.  

How to Enter:

Head on over to the Songs for Me website---take a look around at all the wonderful products available for your child's learning and growth.  Hop back over here and leave a comment telling me which product you like best.

For additional chances to win....

1.)  Become a blog follower 
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US and 18+ only....

Giveaway closes on Wednesday, February 29th at noon.  



  1. I still to this day remember a cassette tape my mom got me as a child that had a song "Hey Bro-oke it's your birthday!" and it would only be played on my birthday haha

  2. Oh, Jenn, you and Traci have hit a home run in my book. You know I'm a sucker for anything that involves 'my girls'! After view the products, I'd say that I love the CD's, Rocket Man is going to love these. I was thinking that one in English and later one in Spanish, if available, to teach him a little Español on the sly. :)

  3. This looks like such a wonderful product! I would definitely choose the Christian Music for Me - I know my son would love that!

    I'm already a follower of your blog too!

  4. Hi Jennifer! Wow, I loved reading Traci's story. Isn't it something how all of us (our little circle of JrHigh/HS friends) have a powerful story? I MUST have the Christian Music for Me CD for my soon to be niece!!


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