Monday, February 20, 2012

A proud moment to share...

Our faith is a little different than some in that its members are often asked to prepare and give talks at church on Sunday. Even the youngest are asked. This past Sunday was Noah's first time to give a talk at church. He's given a prayer and shared a scripture before, but never a prepared spiritual message. He was assigned the topic, "Choose the Right", by his Primary teachers.  In preparation for his talk, Jody and I talked about this topic with him over the course of the week last week.  We gave examples of what choosing the right means and how our choices impact our happiness here in this life.  We also read some scriptures together during our Family Home Evening about keeping the commandments.  From these discussions we put together a little message for Noah to share (with a little help from his momma of course).


Before it was his turn to give his talk, his dear friend Camilla, who is in his class, stood by his side to keep him company.  I think she also helped calm his nerves a bit.  I could tell he was getting a bit nervous as he was standing up there.







And, since this blog is in essence our family's living scrapbook, I decided to include Noah's little talk below that he shared in Primary yesterday.  Most definitely one of our special {cupcake} moments in life! We want to keep this sweet spiritual message always---to always cherish and remember this moment with him.  It is evident to us as his parents that he is developing his own sweet testimony of the Gospel and his Savior---it's a beautiful thing as a parent to watch this blossom in your child.  His precious smile and the tender spirit that was felt as he spoke this day is something as a mother I will never forget.  His Daddy and I are so very proud of him.  

I know Noah's grandparents would have been so proud if they could have been there yesterday to see him.  He did a wonderful job and spoke very clear--everyone could understand each and every word he said. After he finished-- he and I looked out into the audience where Daddy was standing.  I thought it was so sweet to see Jody just beaming from ear to ear.  And as you can imagine, he had tears running down his cheeks.  He is one proud papa!  Noah ran to him and gave him a big hug.  

{When We Choose the Right, We Are Blessed}....

Last year at my preschool, I was invited to my friend's birthday parties.  They were all held on Sundays.  I made a choice to not go because I knew it was the right choice to keep the Sabbath Day holy.  "Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it Holy." (Exodus 20:8)

I have been blessed because of this.  This year, all of my friends, so far, have had their birthday parties on Saturdays or during the week, and I have not had to miss one yet.

"If ye do keep his commandments, he doth bless you and prosper you."  (Mosiah 2:22)

I know when I keep the commandments, I will be blessed and feel closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior.  I hope to always live by the words we sing in the Primary song, "Choose the Right Way", which reads:

"There's a right way to live and be happy.  It is choosing the right everyday.  I am learning the teachings of Jesus.  They will help me and show me the way."




  1. Oh my gosh... my first visit to your blog, and I LOVED it! Wow, what little CUTIES... and that little Camilla and her pigtails... too cute! LOVED the spiritual message... so happy I found your blog. So impressed with the level of conviction in your little guy. I will be back to read more! Love, your 201st follower. :)


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