Friday, February 3, 2012

A Night at the Man Gear Museum...

My little family and I live at the very southern tip of Texas.  Literally, just a hop-skip away from Mexico.   On most days, I enjoy living here--but some times you can feel a bit isolated from the rest of the world.   The closest big city is San Antonio and it's still about 5 hours away.  In the 3 years that we have lived here, we've seen this area of the state continue to grow not only in population, but also with its commercialism. The economy has definitely not been stagnant in these parts....due mostly in part to the fact that we live so close to an international border.  All and all, it's a great place to live.

We are also fortunate to be very close to the coast line....about an hour from the beach.  As you can probably imagine, saltwater fishing is big down our way.  Really big.  In addition to the fishing, we also have some of the most popular and sought after hunting ranches in the state down this way.  And because of that, you would expect to see all sorts of hunting and fishing supply stores, but the reality really don't.  That's always seemed a bit odd to me. 

But, I'm thinking that is all about to change.  A few months ago, on our way to the airport, we noticed they had broken ground for a huge building.  We were naturally curious what it was going to be.  The hubby was super excited when we saw the sign next to the building site that read, "Bass Pro Shop Coming Soon..."  Oh my, he has been super stoked ever since because my dear husband LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to fish.  Because of his endless and hectic work and church responsibilities, he rarely has time these days to enjoy his favorite hobby, but we're hoping in the coming months his life will slow down a bit and he'll have more time to get out on the water.

This "rock-star" sportsman store opened just before Christmas and so we've been planning for a few weeks now to go check it out.  On a whim the other night, we all three piled into the hubby's truck and made the 45 minute drive (even though it was a week night....we figured it wouldn't be as packed if we went on a school night instead of on a Saturday) to head that way.

I've been to Cabella's (the other massive sportsman store) several times in Austin (which is pretty awesome, no doubt) but I gotta say....I think this new Bass Pro Shop tops Cabella's by leaps and bounds.  When you walk in, it feels more like a museum, mega shopping center and entertainment center all combined ....definitely more than just your average hunting and fishing store.

Surprisingly, before we hit the road, the hubby told me I should bring my camera along (normally he doesn't enjoy me snapping pictures on our outings-he'd rather I just enjoy our time together instead of fooling with the camera...hee-hee) and so, I enjoyed tagging along behind my two fellas and taking some pictures as they enjoyed this new store together.  And let me just was awfully cute watching these two --ooh and aah--- over and over all the cool boats, guns, knives, fishing poles and so much more.  

When we first walked in, it was a little overwhelming....we all three just stood in the entryway looking around.  It's massive.

But it didn't take long for the hubby to notice the boats and the two of them darted off to check them out...

I think we have a little fisherman on our hands....

They have a huge, beautiful aquarium....

Noah especially liked getting an up-close and personal view of the bear.

I'm not real sure what we're checking out here, so we'll move on now...

We ate dinner in their restaurant and it was such a fun place to eat....there are more aquariums and a bowling alley in the restaurant.   

Little Man had fun coloring and playing a few games while we waited for our food...and well as you can see, Daddy did, too. ;-)

My favorite spot in this mega store is the General Store...I'm a sucker for a good 'ole Texas general store.   

Little Man loves him some cotton candy...I knew as soon as he saw this, we'd be going home with a bag.

Oh my, and the homemade fudge is to die for...I had a slice of the vanilla walnut---it didn't last more than 2 minutes in my hands before I had already gobbled it all down.

There was some bartering going on here...someone was wanting more than one bag of cotton candy and he was trying his darndest to negotiate for it with his Daddy.

In the end though....Daddy won--we left with only one bag of cotton candy.

And just as we were walking out, he found this.  Our very own little Davy Crockett.  He thought it was neat for a few minutes and then he got bored with it, so we decided to hang it back up on the shelf and head home.

My goodness, this man gear (museum) store really does appeal to everyone.  Whoever put together their marketing and design plan for their stores knew what they were doing.  It started out as a father-son outing that mama thought might be a little boring, but I tagged along anyway, and I ended up having just as much fun as they did.  

As we were leaving the store, Noah said to us, "Mommy, Daddy....can we live here?" Jody and I just grinned at each other.  Man, I love this kid!  What a blessing he is.  I'm always so thankful when we make time to enjoy outings like this together as a family.



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