Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hard work'in man...

I shared a few posts ago how we've been doing some updates to our little home.  It's been quite the adventure living around all the mess that comes with a remodel project.  When Noah walks in the door from school, he happily jumps right in to work with the contractor and his men.  It's cute for about 5 minutes and then Momma is usually having to step in and clear him out so the men can get back to work.   He loves getting into the paint, scour the room for stray nails, climb the ladder, shoot the nail gun and all other sorts of fun stuff that any 5 year old boy would love to play with.  

Thankfully,  the project is almost complete and we couldn't be happier with the way it has turned out.   I'm hoping I can have everything cleaned up and it decorated so I can share a picture with you later next week.

In the meantime though, it seems that our dear son has gained a new-found love and appreciation for hard work through this remodel project.  His Daddy is always talking to him about how important it is to be a hard worker.    For Christmas he got a toolset with a construction hard hat, belt and gloves.  He wasn't that interested in it until we started our remodel project and he saw all the men using their tools around the house.  The other day he pulled his gear out from underneath his bed and came into our bedroom with it all on.  It's the first time he's even been interested in putting it all on.  He told us how he had some work to do around the house.  It was the cutest thing....Jody pulled out my camera and quickly started snapping pictures as he followed him around the house.  

He's one hard work'in little man...


hard worker1











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  1. i love the tool belt--noah looks like an amazing little worker. and wow, i can't wait to see the end results with all that built in shelving. it's gorgeous already!


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