Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flying solo....

"Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare."
~Ed Asner

I believe this picture says it all.

Jody has been out of town the past two days and it's always a challenge for me when I have to fly solo as a parent with our little guy.  Noah is such a sweet boy, but he is SUPER active and requires A LOT of attention.   

 I am one tired momma.   

And to the poor teenager working the counter at Chick-Fil-A last night--- I'm sorry I was short with you when you took FOREVER to take my order.  What you obviously didn't realize (but someday will when you're a parent) is every time you asked me to repeat my order, that was more time for my son to continue to run like a wild, crazed animal around your restaurant and drive your customers crazy.  It was a mad house in your restaurant btw while we were there---I guess because it was a Saturday.  I've never seen that many people packed in there, so it was really challenging to pay attention to you and all the while try to keep an eye on my dear little son.  My nerves were completely shot and I had a throbbing headache.... and so as you continued to ask me to repeat my simple order--it was destined to get unpleasant.  Finally, when I glanced around and saw my son run into the men's bathroom without me with complete strangers in there (who could have done God knows what to him), that's why I just didn't have the patience any longer to stand there and repeat my order for the 3rd time for you.  I promise I'll try to be more patient, kind, and understanding next time I'm in there and you're taking my order.

 Like I said, when you're a parent someday, you'll totally get it. :-)  

I look forward to Jody's return today--more than he knows.  




  1. Oh G, the joys of motherhood! At least it makes for funny memories!

  2. I feel your husband travels a lot for work and I am done most nights. Not to long the kids and I were out and my two younger one decied to get into a hitting fight as we were ordering. I had to stop and take them to a table to sit down...when I came back the kid was kind of laughing and I thought the same thing...just wait one day buddy!!


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