Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A date night with my son.

We're going on now into Week 2 of a remodel project in our home and it's becoming a tad bit difficult to live around all the mess. Arghh!!! Don't you just love remodel jobs??  Especially with a very curious 5 year old boy who wants to be slap dab in the middle of it all when he walks in the door from school each afternoon.

All day yesterday until late in the evening, the painters had to be here doing the sanding and there was so much dust and fumes, oh my goodness, there was just really no way Noah could be around all of that.  Jody had to work late and then he had to go straight to church from work, so it was just little man and I last night.  And since the weather outside was cold and wet--we couldn't go to a park to hang out, so I decided to get a little creative, I decided instead that we'd head to the movies and see Beauty and Beast 3D.  A fun little date night of sorts with my son at the movies.

When we arrived, we loaded up on hot dogs, popcorn, sprite and candy before heading into see the movie. Little man sat still through most of it. We had to get up once to hit the potty and then the last 5 minutes he decided he wanted to sit on the stairs, but other than that, we enjoyed the show.

Afterwards, I knew he would want to play some games in the arcade but before doing so, I was able to bribe him to go into the photo booth with me first. How fun....I haven't done this in years! He was such a good sport about taking some pics with his mommy...

photo booth 2

photo booth 4

photo booth 1

After the photo booth, he was off and running to the game area with mommy in tow... ;-)

I so, so, so enjoyed our special date night at the movies.  I normally get a bit stressed and frazzled when I know I'm going to have to be out in busy, public places with our little man by myself because he can be a handful, but thankfully, there weren't large crowds at the theatre last night (which was a great help) and I think it just helped that I went into this little movie night with a healthy, positive attitude.  I was there to have fun with my son and kept reminding myself to not be so uptight about everything.  I told myself when we walked in, if he ended up getting too restless and couldn't sit still for the entire movie, then that would be okay, we would just head out---but surprisingly, he made it through the entire movie.  I am learning that the more uptight I am around him, I seem to pass that energy on to my son and he seems to act out more in a way that he knows will aggravate me.  But when I am more at ease and not so up tight, he seems to be more calm.  It's all a learning process isn't it---being parents??!! I continue to learn and grow each day as a mother and I'm grateful for that. :-)

It was dark, rainy and cold when we ran out to the car to leave the theatre.  Little man giggled all the way to the car.  On the drive home, we decided to drive through Starbucks and grab us some hot chocolate to warm up.  I had to laugh though because before we even pulled into our driveway, little man had passed out in the back seat with a hot chocolate moustache and a sweet, gentle smile spread across his face.

Mommy and son date night memories....oh my, simply beautiful.




  1. Jennifer,

    As a college student, I'm probably not your typical reader but your posts always brighten my day. Today's especially warmed my heart. Many blessings for your sweet family :)

  2. What a fun activity! I just had a little mommy/daughter trip to the movies with my daughter on Saturday too! Noah sure is a cutie and you look FABULOUS!


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