Thursday, January 26, 2012

A vist to see our new pediatrician...

As a mother of small children, your lifeline is your pediatrician. Right? If you are a mom reading this, then you know exactly what I mean.  I tend to be one of those worry-wart moms, so I will readily admit, my life doesn't seem to be fully in balance unless I have a pediatrician that I can trust and rely upon.

A little over two weeks ago, I called our pediatrician to make an appointment for Noah.   Our little guy has been so thirsty here lately and going to the bathroom more frequently than usual.  Both his teacher at school and we have noticed this change.  The immediate concern on all of our minds was maybe he is diabetic.  My nephew is a diabetic and we have learned this isn't something you want to mess around with and not get screened for if there are concerns.  And so, I decided it might be best if we get him in now and have him looked at since he hasn't had any blood work or a physical in some time.  Noah's pediatrician has been his doctor for almost 3 years now. I have come to rely upon her when I have potty training questions, health concerns or just my normal mommy anxiety stuff. 

To my utter shock, dismay, and disappointment---when I phoned to make the appointment for Noah at her office, the receptionist (very nonchalantly I might add) replied, "Well ma'am....(doctor) is no longer practicing here. She's decided to stay home full time with her children."

GASP! And then I ALMOST yelled out over the phone a big, long, loud... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"  Similar to this here.

Not wanting to sound like a total psycho mommy....I held my reaction in. I instead asked calmly, "Uh--okay, well--is she referring her patients to someone else?" "Who should we make an appointment with?" And then out of frustration I said, "Were y'all going to send us a letter or something notifying her patients of her decision to leave the practice?" The chick on the other end of the phone really didn't have an answer to any of my questions.  She didn't seem overly concerned with me being a little shocked.  She said we could see one of the PA's until they found a replacement for our pediatrician.  I mean come my opinion and as a professional courtesy to her patients, she really should have mailed out a letter notifying all of her patients of her decision to leave the practice and provide us with some recommendations for other pediatricians.  I'm just say'in.

And so my next response to this receptionist was this (because at this point in the conversation,  I'm a little peed off ), "M'aam, I'll be by later this week to pick up my son's medical file.  We're going to find another pediatrician."

Don't get me wrong, I applaud this sweet doctor for staying home with her children, I'm sure it was not an easy decision.  It's never easy for a woman to leave her career and change gears to become a stay at home mom, I get that and have experienced it myself.  But what I wish is that she would have shown a little more professional courtesy by notifying her patients and their families of her decision to leave the practice.  Oh well...I do wish her all the best because her decision to stay home with her kiddos is the best decision she could have made for her family.

Since then, I have been asking all the parents at Noah's school who they use, I even stopped by and asked the school nurse and then some friends from church. One name kept coming up time and time again with most of the parents I spoke with, so this helped me make my decision. I called last week and made an appointment with our new pediatrician. His office staff was very nice and gracious over the phone as they took our information. They gave us our appointment date and time and we were all set to go. What impressed me even more, his office called back shortly after I made the appointment and said that the pediatrician wanted to meet with Jody and I before bringing Noah in to introduce himself and get more background about Noah, his adoption and any health concerns we might have.  We were really grateful and appreciative of this kind gesture.  We met with him yesterday for the consultation and left feeling much more at ease about making this transition to a new doctor.

Today was Noah's first visit to see his new pediatrician and let me just say, we already love him. He made Noah feel at ease the minute he walked in the door.  Our pediatrician loves to fish (he and Jody enjoyed swapping fishing stories when we met with him for the consultation) and Noah lit up when he asked him about catching fish with Daddy.

Unfortunately, since our little guy hasn't had a physical or blood work done in a while and given the fact that he was a new patient, they had to do some blood work while we were there--which obviously involved needles (something he usually freaks out about), so that part didn't go so well, but afterwards, he quickly recovered and was back to his usual jovial self.

He was bragging to the pretty ladies at the front desk when we were leaving how when they took his blood, he was brave and didn't cry.  I just chuckled as I was writing my check and said, "That's right buddy. You were sure brave. "  :-)  They gave him a lollipop and some stickers.  He's such a little flirt I tell ya!!!

I'm happy to report that we love, love, love our new pediatrician.  So thankful to have found one we like so soon and already feel comfortable about him caring for our precious son. Oh and great news....the lab work shows that he is not diabetic.   Such a relief! :-)

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{P.S.  My sis-in-law just emailed about this post and asked what the dr. said about Noah's symptoms.  The doctor just thinks the frequent peeing and being thirsty may be because it's been so unusually hot these past few weeks.  Playing outside he's naturally just more thirsty and as a result needs to pee more.  And well, he said, he's seen it before with little boys doing this at school---they do it as a tactic to get out of doing work.  Ha..ha...wouldn't be surprised if our little fella might not be using this as a way to skip out on doing his math by going to the potty.  :-)  }


  1. Great pics! Camera phones are perfect to keep my kids occupied at the drs office too!! I am so glad he isn't a diabetic, those are some classic symptoms that he was experiencing. My husband is a Type 1 and it is NO walk in the park!

  2. It is good to hear that you found a new pediatrician that you love!!

  3. My 8 year old would absolutely be one of the boys that would go to the bathroom every 30 mins just to get out of class..... if his teachers would let him. ;) Hope that is all it is ~ your little guy is adorable and congrats on finding a fabulous doctor!

  4. oh my goodness! i would hope they would call or write a letter if your pediatrician leaves - i would be beside myself! well, glad you found one you like :)

  5. Cute pics! You are both gorgeous! I'm not surprised they didn't tell you the doc was leaving, but only because I work in the medical field. I've only ever had one physician ask to send a letter to her patients when she left the clinic, and I think it was just so that they could follow her to her new practice.


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