Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our first Tooth Fairy visit.

Noah tucked away his lost tooth in his {new} precious Tooth Fairy pillow last night in preparation for the tooth fairy's first visit.

 He was a little concerned that the tooth was going to fall out during the night, but we kept reassuring him that it would be fine.

Afterwards, it was getting late -- way, way past his bedtime, so he and I headed to his bedroom to read a few books together (our usual routine) and then we put his tooth fairy pillow under his bed pillow and soon after, he was fast asleep.

When he woke early this morning, he was so excited to search his bed and find what the tooth fairy had left for him...a new, soft, cuddly teddy bear and some $$$....yee-haw!!

Precious memories we'll always cherish of his first lost tooth and our first visit from the Tooth Fairy.

And now, we're are heading out the door to Target so he can buy a new toy with his Tooth Fairy $$$  ;-)



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  1. I just loved every word and picture on this post. Wow, talk about memories of my kids at that age. Your son is adorable. :)


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