Friday, January 20, 2012

A lunch date at school with my son.

Noah loves it when I pop in at his school and say hi...especially during his lunch time.  Yesterday, I was at his school for some parent volunteer stuff  and so I decided to walk down to the cafeteria and have a little lunch date with him and his friends.  

He was super excited to see me when I walked in and his friends seemed just as excited...they are such a precious group of kids.  Sitting with our little man and his classmates brought back so many fun memories of when I was a kid and ate with my friends in our elementary school's cafeteria.  It was more about socializing with my friends than eating.  I still remember a dear classmate of mine, Hal, he was such a fun friend.  He and I would often sit near each other in grade school in the cafeteria and he would always make me laugh by doing funny things with his food such as stuffing his mouth as full as he could with food.  I would laugh so hard how his cheeks would expand out and giggle when the teacher would tell him to stop. Fun memories.

Noah has taken on this same funny persona when he is in the cafeteria with his friends.  He enjoys being the class clown. In fact, when I walked in to the cafeteria yesterday, he had the girls laughing around him....he had two carrots sticking out of his mouth and was crossing his eyes to make them laugh.  

Such a little are just a few glimpses of my lunch date with my son at school....

Oh, to have the care-free life of being a kid  But honestly, I wouldn't want to go back.  Would you??   Yes, life gets more complicated and a bit more stressful with age, but it is so much more enjoyable being on this end now as the parent watching my own child enjoy his childhood.  I wouldn't trade these moments for any chance to relive my own youth.  

I hope you all have a great weekend....I am sure looking forward to hitting the hay early tonight to hopefully sleep off this beast of a migraine I have had all day.   I've taken every kind of medicine I can think of today to ward it off.  I even went to the store and bought me a Dr. Pepper--uh-oh!!  I haven't bought any Dr. Peppers for the house since the of my New Year's resolutions, but I had to break that today in my desperation of trying to get rid of this awful headache.  The medicines combined with the DP helped a little, but it's still lingering. Sleep is the only remedy I'm afraid at this point to get rid of it.  And well, getting off this darn computer.  Staring at this screen isn't helping.   How glorious the world would be if there were a magical drug that would totally eliminate migraine headaches.  If you suffer from chronic migraine headaches, I'm sure you will agree with me on this one.

Comfy bed, soft pillow, quiet and peaceful I come.  Let's get rid of this headache once and for all....I hope.  :-)


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