Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A fun time bowling...


Before becoming parents, Jody and I enjoyed going bowling.  It was one of our favorite activities to do for a date night.  We'd go bowling just the two of us or with other couples and always had a blast.  But after our little man entered the world, we put bowling on the back burner. Most date nights are movie and a dinner these days.  We've talked about taking Noah bowling for a while now that he's 5, but we just haven't ever gotten around to doing it.  Until this weekend.

On Saturday, after we worked around the house most of our morning (reorganizing the cabinets in the kitchen and working in the front flower bed--woo-hoo!) I suggested to the boys that we head to the bowling alley.  Jody thought it was a great idea, so we got all cleaned up and headed on over to our favorite one here in town. We like this particular one because it's family oriented, there are always lots of kids and there's no smoking.  That's a pet peeve of mine with many of them are hard to enjoy because they are so's always a drag when you leave a bowling alley wreaking of smoke. 

On the drive over, Noah kept asking, "What is bowling, Mommy?" and "Do I throw the ball like a basketball?". We tried to explain to him, but I don't think he could really visualize what we were telling him, so he was more than ready to jump out of the truck when we parked and head in to see what all the excitement was about. 

Jody was so sweet....he got us all squared away with our shoes, bowling balls and our assigned lane.  He even had them set the bumpers on our lane to come up when it was Noah's turn to bowl--and let me tell ya, they worked like a charm for our little guy.




These two were so cute to watch as Daddy and son worked together on how to hold the ball and handle it correctly.






Daddy has some serious bowling skills....I love to watch him bowl.







I had to beg and bribe to get him to stand still long enough to snap this picture with him....
he didn't want to let go of his bowling ball.  :-)


The cutest thing was watching him throw his hands high in the air every time he launched his ball down the lane.  Precious....



After our bowling game, we played a few games in their arcade---I don't know who enjoyed it more, Daddy or Noah.  :-)


Even though my bowling skills really stink, we had a wonderful time taking Noah bowling for the very first time.  If you haven't taken your kids bowling in a while (or like us, ever) you really should--it's so much fun.    And, I must say, I really love weekends like this....when I get to spend almost every minute of it with my husband and son and escape the stress of life.

Here are some video shots of our maiden voyage bowling as a family....



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