Saturday, December 24, 2011

We're all Christmas-fied and ready to go...

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve!!  Geeze....December has just flown by for some reason this year.  Despite feeling all rushed this year, I am happy to report we're all geared up and ready to go around here for Christmas Day.  And let me tell ya, Noah can't wait to see what Santa brings him.  He is super excited.

Today he and I were talking about what all we were going to do for Christmas Eve and he asked if his grandparents were going to be here.  Sadly, I explained no...they just live too far away.  He was not happy about this and became very concerned about the fact that his grandparents would not get to see "HIS house" decorated for the holidays (he has been all about helping me put up decorations this year...and I mean so, so into it.)  I explained to him how we were traveling to see his grandparents the day after Christmas and that he would get to see them in just a few days, but still, he was not a happy camper that they would miss out on seeing the house all Christmas-fied for the holidays.  I then suggested to him, "How about we put a few pics up on our blog so your grandparents could see it?"  He responded with the biggest smile, "Yay...yes Mommy--let's do that."

And so we pulled out my handy dandy camera this afternoon and I enjoyed our little tour of home together as I  let my little guy walk me around the house and tell me what all he wanted me to photograph for his grandparents.

So KiKi, Poppy, Janet and Pop.....this post is a special one filled with pictures for you from your grandson.   :-)


May you each have a blessed and Merry Christmas!




  1. everything looks beautiful! have a merry Christmas! ~Andrea

  2. Thanks, Andrea! Merry Christmas to you, too...



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