Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Star Student.

Each week in Noah's class, one student is highlighted as the "Star Student".  They are asked to make a poster that illustrates who they are...what their likes and dislikes are, where they were born, all about their family and other sorts of things.  This poster is displayed in the classroom all week for the kids and parents to look at. Last week was Noah's turn to be Star Student.  We worked over the weekend to make his poster. He helped me answer the questions that were to be included on his poster and then he had fun helping me color it.  ;-)

Here is what we came up with....



Since this was his special week, I had asked his teacher in advance if it would be okay for me to come in during his week and read a loud one of our favorite Christmas books and give the kids Christmas cookies. The night before, Noah helped me make these Christmas tree sugar cookies.

When I arrived on the day I was to read, the kids weren't back from their music class yet, so I took a few pictures of his classroom.  I love seeing all the holiday decorations...


When the kids walked in, they were all excited that Noah's mommy had come to read them a book.  Noah was especially excited to see me.

And there I am in the midst of reading to them...


This is the book I read aloud to the kids...such a sweet and tender story, especially for this time of the year as we celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

After the reading, Noah helped me pass out all the cookies.  He was just beaming...I noticed how he wasn't concerned about eating his own cookie--which I figured might be the case.  Instead, he was more concerned that each of this friends got their cookie first.  This really warmed my heart.

We couldn't be prouder of our little Star Student....



  1. Oh how I love The Tale of the Three Tree's! And that is the cutest classroom ever. I loved the Nativity poster with the kids pictures. So darling!

  2. This post made me so genuinely happy! Reminded me of lots of things I loved from my childhood, and things I've loved in my adulthood working in classrooms :) I'm going to guess Noah goes to a Catholic school? haha that is the most Christmasy classroom I've ever seen and sadly I know that wouldn't fly in public schools today! Thank you so much for sharing, you and your family are beautiful


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