Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nick the Elf and other happy stuff...


Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf?  I first heard about it  when I visited my son's classroom two weeks ago.  And then, my mom called early last week and wanted to know if I had heard about Elf on the Shelf.  It seems it is spreading like wildfire this Christmas season. I explained to her how Noah and all of his friends at school had filled me in on this magic Elf and all his special powers.

My Mom (a/k/a KiKi to the Noah) then tells me how she wanted to buy one for Noah (and all the other grandkids) so they could enjoy it this Christmas season.  We discussed the details and then got off the phone so she could order it online.

Two days later, the UPS man knocked on the door to deliver our new little house guest.  I hid it in my closet until this weekend.  We told Noah after church on Sunday that KiKi had mailed him an early Christmas present and he would get to open it later that night.  He could barely contain his excitement the rest of the day.  When Jody got home from church, it was time to open it up....


You can specify what color skin, hair and eyes you'd like the elf to be.  What a great idea to help children connect with their elf.

He screamed out, "It's the Elf with magic powers!!"  And then he proceeded to tell his Daddy and I how we could not touch the elf or he would lose his powers.  He also told us that every night Mr. Elf would fly back to the North Pole and report back to Santa Claus on how Noah was behaving....if he was being naughty or nice.

Jody and I just grinned because he already knew the whole routine because his teacher at school had been doing Elf on the Shelf for a few weeks.

Oh, he loves his new buddy.  I read him the book that comes with the explains how the Elf on the Shelf works (just exactly as Noah explained to us) and then afterwards, we explained to him that he needed to give his elf a name.

His first choice was, "Poopy"....argh!!  Such a boy response.  I told him no way on that one.  He went back and forth on possibly calling him "Lightening" and then he blurted out..."I want to call him Nick."  Jody and I thought it sounded great (so much better than Poopy) and so we made it official.  I am happy to report that Nick the Elf is now part of our little family. 


(btw, that tacky jacket he is wearing is an old one of mine from the 90's I think (yikes!) that Noah likes to pull out of my closet and wear around the house because it's so soft....)

Afterwards, we needed to open a few of Noah's advent calendar books.  We got behind this week on our nightly reading, so we had to open 3 books Sunday night.


This one was was his favorite out of the three he opened that night...

In addition to our advent book calendar tradition, we are looking forward to Nick the Elf now becoming a part of our family tradition for Christmas as well.  Thanks KiKi for such a special and thoughtful gift.  Noah loves him and looks forward to every morning waking up and finding where Nick has moved to (that's part of the fun--he goes to see Santa every night to report and then when he returns home, he finds a new place to sit and watch Noah).  ;-)



On another happy note...I wanted to pass on some Santa stationery that my sister-in-law stumbled onto while visiting Catherine over at Design Editor.  It's the cutest form letter that can be downloaded for free.  Click here to download it.


My last bit of happy vibes to pass really must watch this music video below.  Have you heard of Justin Hines?  I had never heard of him until this past Sunday.  I was getting ready for church and had the CBS Sunday morning news show playing in the background and they did an editorial piece on Justin.  See more about that here.  As soon as I heard him start singing, I dropped my hairbrush in the bathroom and plopped in front of the tv to watch him.  Justin is from Canada and is an up and coming vocalist in the music industry.  Even more amazing though, despite living with a rare genetic joint disorder called Larsen's Syndrome and having to live his life in a wheelchair---this young man has the most positive attitude about life and the struggles that come with it. 

What a joyful, happy and inspiring soul he always warms my heart (and inspires me to be a better person) when I hear beautiful life stories like Justin's.  It's also so refreshing to see someone use their God given talents for good---to bless the lives of others around them. 

(If the video doesn't load, you can click here to see it and others.)




  1. very sweet! and happy you said no to poopy;)
    love the santa claus stationery, so pretty.
    AND wow. what an amazing man. thank you for sharing!


  2. Thanks, Hannah...and you're so welcome. :-)

  3. Such cute pix. Thanks for sharing my Santa Stationery!


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