Thursday, December 22, 2011

A joy (filled) Pre-K Christmas Party....

This week has been full of festivities at Noah's school.  Yesterday was his last day of school before the winter holiday break.  It was to be a fun-filled last day where they celebrated with a Christmas party.  I volunteered along with a few other moms to help put the party together.  My assignment was to make holiday cookies that the kids could decorate during the party.

The night before the party, I was up late making the cookies...note to self for next year, start way earlier in the day making cookies for the school party.  ;-)  Geeze...when I finished my last batch, it was close to midnight---I was completely pooped out.  I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.  I dreamed of little gingerbread men all night long! ;-)

I also made a huge batch of homemade fudge as part of the teacher gifts.  This was my first time to try this new recipe.  I snagged it from Keri's blog---it's her grandmother's special recipe.  And it rocks!!

When 10 am rolled around that next morning, I arrived at the school and found Noah and his classmates all ready for their party to begin....they were so excited.

We started with the cookie decorating...Noah especially enjoyed this fun activity.

They all were so precious putting so much thought into their cookie decorating--and when it came time for them to be able to eat them---oh boy--there was excitement in the air.

I think he was about to go into a sugar coma here...and the party had just barely begun...uh-oh!

After they all finished decorating their holiday cookies, most of the parents had arrived along with the food--it was time to eat their holiday meal in their classroom.

With the help of us moms, the teacher sent 4 children out at a time to go through the little buffet line.  I was cracking up as our dear son went through the food line--he kept telling the room mom he wanted one of everything.  His eyes seemed to be a bit bigger than his stomach once he saw all the colorful and tasty looking food.

Here is the full plate he came back with....

And as you would know it...most of the kids (including our little man) didn't each much of their food.  They were having way too much fun laughing and giggling together.

Each child was asked to bring in a gift for their class gift exchange...this is the gift that Noah received.  He was so happy about getting the Captain America....this is his favorite superhero (ever since he dressed up as Captain America for Halloween this year). 

Noah was so excited that his Daddy was able to make it to the party---these two are so cute together.

After the games, food and gift exchange was over---it was time to say goodbye to his teachers and his friends.  He hugged everyone and we headed out the door of his classroom.

His teachers gave each child their reindeer antlers and Noah insisted on Daddy putting them on him before we walked to the car.

Oh my...we sure love our little reindeer and are so grateful we were able to celebrate this special day with our son.  Precious, precious memories were made.



P.S. Just a little update on Noah's tooth chronicles....his first loose tooth is still hang'in in there...and I mean barely. It is hang'in on by a thread and he won't let either one of us touch it or wiggle it. Argh!!! My mom was telling me on the phone the other day that I was exactly the same when I was a kid.  I wouldn't let them pull my teeth--I just let them dangle until they fell out on their own.

Maybe we'll be minus one tooth by Christmas Day...we'll see.

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