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A Holiday Party and the beginning of our Tooth Chronicles...

Last night was our ward Christmas party at church.  It started at 6:45...we were late, of course. :-)

I was up at our church until late in the afternoon decorating and setting everything up (with the help of a few of my Relief Society sisters).  Afterwards, I headed to the grocery store to get some last minute food items and then rushed back home to make some last minute desserts.  I looked at the clock and then hopped in the shower to clean up my sweaty self.

I'll tell ya, by 6:00pm, I was already pooped out and the party had not even begun. While I was showering, Jody got a call from a church member saying that we might not have enough of rice and beans, so he rushed over to Taco Palenque (they have the best rice and beans in town) and bought a large pan of both.  By the time he got back, it was close to 7:15 and yes....we were now 30 minutes late.  Ugh...

So we all three poured out of the house, darted to the car in the rain (with all our food and desserts we were supposed to bring) and loaded up in the car.  On the drive over, Noah started crying and said, "Mommy--my mouth hurts."  I looked at Jody and gave him the look, "Huh???"  I turned around and asked him if he bit his lip or something and he said he hadn't.

We pulled into the church parking lot and Noah was still crying.  My nerves were completely shot at this point.  My body was aching from head to toe from racing around all day getting ready for this shin-dig, it was cold/rainy outside, we were late and now my son was crying.  Jody parked the car and we piled out and grabbed all of our party loot.  Noah continued to cry and wouldn't get out of the car.  He kept saying, "My teeth hurt."  We were now almost 40 minutes late for the party and I very sternly told our little guy to get out of the  And so he did... and yes, he continued to cry all the way into the church, but then as soon as he saw all the other kids running around...the crying ended abruptly.  And off he ran to join the other kids like nothing was wrong.  Jody and I were standing in the doorway (our arms full with all the desserts, potato salad, beans and rice) and we just looked at each other, smiled and I said, "What in the world was all that about??".  I guess his mouth and/or  teeth weren't hurting that bad after all.  And so we headed on into the gym where the party was to enjoy some Christmas fun with our church friends.

I honestly didn't think anything else of Noah's teeth hurting after that....


There ended up being more than enough food to feed everyone, so I was relieved about that.








After dinner, everyone enjoyed some precious dance performances by the children of our ward....





And then, an unexpected thing of our young men (probably one of the most genuine and Christ-like youth I have been around in a long time) found out that his formal mission call had come in the mail that afternoon.  Our stake president and my husband (he is currently serving as the Bishop of our ward) were invited back to the stake offices to be with this young man and his family while he opened his mission letter.  He was to going to find out in the letter where he would be serving his 2-year mission for our church.


Afterwards, they all walked out teary-eyed and obviously moved.  This young man looked like he was in a bit of shock...

The anticipation was killing me...when I asked Jody where he was going--he could barely speak.  He was visibly choked up and moved to tears.  As a Bishop, this is one of his greatest joys when he is able to send one of his youth off on a mission.  When Jody was finally able to speak, he said the young man had been called to the Cape Verde, Africa mission (the little island of Praia, more specifically).  The native language there is Portuguese--so he will now be learning a new language--in addition to the English and Spanish that he already speaks.  It was so special to be there and share this experience with this young man and his dear family.  I have no doubt he will serve the Lord well and bless so many lives while there.

These young men were in awe of their older friend who received his mission call.  All three of these kids are super excited to serve a mission someday of their own.

Some of our young women...helping out watch my friend's newborn baby girl.

And then...a very special visitor made his appearance.  Noah rushed to the front of the line to see Santa.  He was so, so excited.  When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he replied..."An ambulance and a firetruck."





We had a wonderful time with our church family celebrating this holiday season.  I am grateful for the friendships we have made while living here and for the love and support they continue to show our family as my husband serves as the Bishop.  It has been a humbling experience for both Jody and me.

And now.... let me get back to the tooth story...we didn't think much else of his crying int the car after he seemed okay once we walked into the party.  But then this morning, when he woke up for church, he said to me again, " tooth hurts."  I almost stopped in my tracks when he said this.  I immediately  knew what it must be.  But that can't be, I thought.  It seems a little soon...he just turned five at the end of August.

I then kneeled down to be eye-level with him and asked him to open his mouth.  I began pushing on his lower front incisors (my dad and brother are both dentists, so I know a tad-bit about teeth).  When I pushed on his left bottom incisor, it literally almost popped out.  It didn't come out, but it's hanging on by a thread.  I just screamed and then Noah screamed.  I said, "Oh my gosh Noah...your tooth is loose!"  He had this weird and surprised look on his face.  I could tell he was waiting to see if my reaction was a good one or bad one.  I just hugged him tightly and told him, " are getting your big teeth in!!"  He started giggling and yelled out, "Yay, Mommy...I'm a big boy!!"  I just shook my head and agreed.  He ran off to his room to play with his toys.

And then I went to the bathroom, shut the door and cried a big helping of mommy tears.  I thought to myself, "Oh my goodness...he's about to lose his first tooth.  I can't believe we are already at this stage...gosh darn it, he's growing up too fast." 

This feels like such a  big milestone for us.  When we got to church, I  found Jody and pulled him aside and told him, "Noah is about to lose a tooth!"  He had this look of shock and then he said, "Ahhh man...I think I'm going to cry."    He then turned away from me and immediately headed down the hallway to the Primary room to find Noah.  Knowing my hubby, I'm sure he wanted to see the loose tooth for himself.   I just grinned as he walked away.  I knew it was a bittersweet moment for him, too.
And so my friends, the tooth chronicles with Noah have begun.

So I'm curious...I need some ideas--what are some tooth fairy traditions or ideas you use with your kids when they lost their teeth??  I'd love to hear your ideas and I leave the fairy powder under his pillow?  Do I leave some money...(I think that's what my mom did)?  Is there a good children's book that you know of I could get to read to him?



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  1. My son just turned five in July, and while flossing his teeth a few nights ago, I noticed a bottom tooth wiggling! I thought I was dreaming because he's only five! I didn't think he was old enough to lose teeth yet! Or, as I really thought, I'm not old enough for him to start losing teeth yet!
    It hasn't fallen out, but for some reason, he is determined to keep it. I've had to reassure him that the tooth fairy won't take it if he doesn't want her to. I'm a little sad about that though. I was planning on making him this little tooth pillow ( so I wouldn't have to search under his regular pillow at night. I was also going to leave a $1 coin, since that seems more special that other coins or a dollar bill. But for now, I guess I'll be keeping the teeth in a box for him.
    His other bottom tooth started wiggling about 2 days after the first, so check that other bottom tooth soon!


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