Friday, December 9, 2011

Date night at the Omni.

Thanksgiving 2011 trip part 21

Jody and I were super happy to have a date night in Dallas (while we were visiting our families during Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago).  Noah happily agreed to  stay with my parents so he could play with all of his cousins. I don't even think he missed us.  He loves his cousins and grandparents, which so wonderful.

We were both looking forward to this fun night....we made reservations in advance to stay at the Omni (it's a new one that just recently opened in downtown Dallas last month) and then we purchased our movie tickets in advance to see the new Twilight movie at one of our favorite theaters in Dallas, Studio Movie Grill.
From the time we left my parent's house and made the 2 hour drive to Dallas, the temperature dropped drastically. It was freezing and neither one of us had our coats with us.  I told Jody before we left my parents house that we should consider bringing along our coats in case it got cold, but no....he insisted that we didn't need to mess with toting along one more thing.  I can't say I blame him though...he does get tired of helping me tote around my 500 lb. suitcase whenever we travel.  (wink...wink!)   It was in the 40's, rainy and overcast by the time we pulled into our hotel driveway. I just had to give him a hard time when we realized how chilly it was when we got out of the car.  Normally, I would be bummed about this sort of weather, but since we rarely get these cooler temperatures where we live in South Texas--especially around the holidays, I actually enjoyed feeling the cool, frigid air. 

The first thing we noticed (and loved about the Omni) are the multi-colored lights that adorn the exterior of the hotel.  We learned after talking with one of the hotel attendants that this particular Omni is unique in that it is owned by the City of Dallas.  It was also designed as an eco-friendly, green hotel and so it has some unique perks because of that.  It is also unique in that it is connected to the Dallas Convention Center (via a sky bridge).  Let me just say, it is most definitely a Texas sized hotel...there are over 1,000 guest rooms.  It is a huge hotel.  Throughout, you will find all forms of commissioned art by local Dallas artists....sculptures, photography, paintings, crystal, pottery and so much more.   I just love that and also how they incorporated so many influences from the rich history of this great city.

After being there for a few minutes, Jody cracked up and started grinning when he looked over from the check-in counter and saw how I had already pulled out my camera and was knee-deep taking pictures of the beautiful lobby.  I just smiled back at him and shrugged my shoulders.  I know he gets so sick of me taking pictures wherever we go, but I just couldn't was all just so pretty.  And well, I love's in my blood.  My grandmother was a photographer---she loved it even more than me.


Thanksgiving 2011 trip part 22



After we were all checked in, we headed up to our room to get settled in.


As part of the whole "green" earth friendly theme of this of the first things you notice is this little device below.  You place your key card into this little device to activate the lights in the room.  We quickly figured out that if you don't have your card in it, the room lights will not come on.



We loved our room and all the beautiful art inside...the bell hop told us that each room has varying arrays of local art work.  So cool....


And let me just say....I love, love, love how they have tv's built into the bathroom makes putting on the makeup in the bathroom a much more enjoyable experience.  :-)

Before we headed out for dinner and our movie, Jody was still jet lagged and tired from our flight and drive, so he wanted to take a nap. I wasn't sleepy, so while he rested, I grabbed my camera, my phone, a room key and headed out the door to tour the hotel.  Like I said, it is massive, so there is a lot to see.

I started out upstairs and looked around at more of the art work and beautiful views of downtown Dallas.  While I was taking these pictures, I couldn't help but think about my grandmother, Mimi, and how much she would have loved this hotel.  She lived in Dallas most of her life...well into her 80's, and how how she loved  her hometown, the "Big D".  If she were still alive, I think she would have really liked this particular hotel with all its Dallas influences of design and decor.






Next, I headed down to the gift store and refreshment center....






Thanksgiving 2011 trip part 2





I did a (very) quick tour of the upper deck pool area...there was freezing rain drizzling down, so I didn't stay long to take many pictures.  I'm sure during the warmer months, this pool and bar area will be one happen'in place.






And of course, I couldn't pass up going to check out the spa...the walkway there is very cozy. 




The lovely Mokara Salon and Spa...



And for dining, there is the Owner's Box Sport's Bar and Bob's Steakhouse...
Thanksgiving 2011 trip part 24

The Dallas Cowboys just happened to be playing on the day we were there, so there was a lively crowd in the sport's bar cheering on our Cowboys...
Thanksgiving 2011 trip part 25

Thanksgiving 2011 trip part 23
After I finished my little tour of the hotel, I headed back down to the refreshment center....bought me a tall Starbucks hot chocolate and sat for a while in the cozy lobby area where I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Holiday music was playing and I so enjoyed that moment.  It was really nice to have some quiet time to myself.


Later that night, I tried to take a few pics of us at Studio Movie Grill, but the lights were so dim-- the pics turned out too dark.  So I'm frustrated I don't have any pics of Jody and I actually together on this date.  I'm sure he won't mind though...he really doesn't like to have his picture taken ...especially when we are out on a date. :-)

We really did have a great time together.  It was so relaxing and just what we needed.  Let's see...I loved our hotel stay at the new, stylish Omni (we got our room for super cheap btw, thanks to some of their promotions they're doing right now)....we surprisingly enjoyed the new Twilight movie (despite a few cheesy moments) and it was especially nice to have some time to do some early Christmas shopping with my hubby in Big D. 

Good times....and a big, grateful hug and thank you to my folks for watching Noah for us. 



  1. Swank! {and fabulous job on the photog!} You're amazing!!

  2. wow! gorgeous pics! love them all especially the TV in the mirrors:) how fun you guys got a fancy date night

  3. Sylvia...thank you! It really is a cool, swank hotel. I had so much fun taking all these pictures.

  4. hello Melodee...thank you! we really had a fun time on our fancy date. it's always refreshing to get away from "life" every once in a while and enjoy some quality time together. :-) so glad you stopped by my blog....

  5. That is a gorgeous new hotel - I loved looking at all your pics - we were just in downtown Dallas at the beginning of Nov and I was able to take a brief look inside the W at Victory Plaza - so beautiful.



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