Friday, November 4, 2011

Our World Series Date Night...

While the hubby and I were in Dallas a few weeks ago, we had a  very special date the World Series--Game 3, at the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  Jody has always wanted to go to a World Series game, so this was a dream come true for my dear hubby.  I was so excited to get to hang out with my fella.  And selfishly,  I was looking forward to using it as an excuse to blow off all my calorie counting.  ;-)  I know, aren't I such a dork!!?? We decided beforehand we were going to go all out at the game and eat whatever we wanted.  Loaded hot dogs, big 'ole Dr. Peppers, cotton candy, pretzels and chocolate.  And boy did we have fun eating all our baseball snack food and cheering on our Rangers! Oh and in case you're wondering about our little man, he wasn't too interested in going to the game.  He stayed at his Uncle Brian and Aunt Katherine's house.  He had a blast playing with his cousins, Ava and Lola, while we were at the game.   Jody is looking forward to when Noah gets a little older and he can take him to a World Series 5, he's still just a bit too young to be able to sit through a game like this.  ;-)



Despite the fact that our Rangers lost, we sure had a wonderful time on our date night at the World Series. 




  1. Ok... we are in SOuthern California and are TX Rangers fans. My 6 year old daughter is crazy about them. That is so awesome that you went to one of the World Series games. When I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas, she said she would love to see the Mavericks play the Lakers. and cheer for the Mavericks! :) We shed a tear for our Rangers.... maybe next year!

  2. Hope you had a blast..we went a few years ago when the Phillies played in Tampa for the World was a blast and Groomzilla was in heaven!


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